Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Favorite Spots in Cleveland!

Yesterday Brent and I were off the whole afternoon and decided to drive up to Cleveland! It's about a 45 minute drive from where we live so perfect for small trips and adventures. However, we didn't do anything new, we visited two of our favorite spots in Cleveland, Melt Bar and Grille and Cedar Lee Theaters. 

Melt Bar and Grille was a restaurant my friend introduced us to two years ago. Since then it's become one of the hottest spots, even had several television appearances! Their line has always been a long wait. Night time, expected 2-3 hours. We arrived 3 pm and still had an hour wait! Point is, it's worth the wait! It's a cute little joint, filled with a hip atmosphere, fun art, ink covered waiters, horror movies or He-Man on TV, and menus on the back of old vinyl records. Their menu revolves around, you guessed it, grilled cheese! [only my favorite sandwich ever haha] Don't worry, their sandwiches are anything but ordinary. I got the Parma Italy, containing breaded chicken, garlic and tomato pesto with provolone cheese. Mmm! They have a great beer and rootbeer selection! Too cute! It's a place we'll always go to and love. 

We left Melt just in time to make it to the movie, Exit Through a Gift Shop at Cedar Lee. Cedar Lee is a theater that's been around for a long time and only shows independent and foreign films. Another thing you might not know about me is that I love foreign and indie flicks! Some of my favorite movies were never Hollywood Hits. Brent noticed they were showing a movie about Street Art, thinking it was about Banksy, one of my all time favorite artists. I fell in love with him my junior year in high school and started stenciling myself. I never tagged things or anything. I just stenciled shirts and canvases. The movie ended up being about a wacked out guy known as Mister Brain Wash, that was in fact brain washed. It was still interesting and involved Banksy and Shepard Fairey. Fairey got really popular of course in the past few years, but I've still always been a bigger Banksy fan. Oh well. It was still a good movie worth seeing, bringing insights to street art.

Here's a few Banksy favorites I threw together. Doesn't look the greatest because I was rushing! Anyways, I'd highly suggest viewing both Banksy and Shepard Fairey's work if you haven't already.

Here's three of my pieces from a few years ago that I actually had pictures of:
The first I made for my brother when he went away to college.
The next was just from Elizabethtown, the quote is "We are intrepid, we carry on."
The last was spontaneous. I never cared for it, but it's 4 ft tall and too big to hide away. Haha.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Yesterday was a bit of fun that I haven't had in a while. I made plans to hang out with my best friend from high school who I haven't been able to see now for an entire year. Yeah, a year! Honestly, that's the biggest hardship I've faced in my program this past year. I've completely lost touch with friends because I don't have the chance to hang out like I used to!  I wake up every morning at six am, I can't stay out as late as I used to. It's really taken a toll on all my relationships. I'm still trying to maintain them. 

Anyways, we decided to get together for a double date. She started dating a new boy and wanted Brent and I to meet him. We're both little domesticated ladies, so she decided to cook dinner and I made dessert. I asked Brent what to make and he liked the idea of chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow icing, which sounded perfect. I used a recipe for the first batch of icing, and it was a complete mess! I knew the recipe calling for pouring 275 degree sugar with whipped eggs didn't sound right. So first batch, water. Second batch, runny. Third batch, made up myself, perfect. I was getting so frustrated in the kitchen, poor Brent was trying to help and all I wanted to do was scream! They turned out well though and we added chocolate chips on top for the last added touch. They were scrumptious! 

You can tell I bake cupcakes a lot. The pan looks so gross! 

The double date was a blast! Amber's boyfriend was so cute and sweet. I'm happy she found a good guy! We started off chatting over dinner and sipping on some wine. Afterward s we broke out the board games, starting with Monopoly. But the fun really didn't start until we played Pictionary. I was so excited to draw, Brent and I were immediately winning. It all went down hill when Brent had to draw the term "deadline" and for some reason as excellent as his picture was of a dead man + a line I couldn't get it for the life of me. Another funny term was "two left feet" and each time Brent tapped his pen on two left pointed boots I'd say "Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!" Later I made an epic fool of myself when my pen stopped working, I tried to use the game piece pencil to draw with... thinking it was seriously a pencil. Yeah. So we had ended up laughing a lot and had a great time. I was so happy to catch up with Amber. I always fear losing friendships, especially one that goes back as far as ours. 

Newest dress to my collection. F21 for $24!
It's perfect for the 4th of July, but I couldn't wait to wear it.

That's all for now. Nothing too exciting! I work all weekend. Maybe I'll do an inspiration post.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bare feet no more!

It's summer time! There's nothing more I love than bare feet and feeling grass between my toes! However, when cute shoes are in the picture, I'm choosing shoes! There is two things I shop for, dresses and SHOES. I am a bit of a closet shoe junkie. They're one item I just can't resist! My collection has gotten out of hand. But they are afterall in my mind the best addition to any outfit! So, I browsed and threw together a few favorites!

 Pumps: The perfect piece with a dress or skirt! The first pair caught my eye because of the vintage charm and nautical colors! The second pair have a great shape that I can picture rocking with skinny jeans! Last but not least, I love anything yellow! The weave texture it perfect too!

Flats: I'd love to wear sandals all day or heels, but the most comfortable and most fashionable in my opinion is the basic flats! My favorites below are a variety, but all share the same look between the cut-out, lace or weave design.  

Casual: Of course, Toms, espadrilles, moccasins and oxfords are on my must have list. Also, how fantastic are the handmade moccasins on the right? I'd love to add those to my closet!

The best for last! 
These flats, are original, vintage inspired and still have those fabulous nautical colors! I had to put them in their own category! They'd be adorable with a dress or jeans or anything! Drool!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Love loud, don't lose loud.

It's Monday already?! I have to update you on Brent & I's trip Saturday! He has been writing for an online magazine called AltOhio and has been fortunate enough to review concerts, which means free concert tickets for us! He saw Beach House on Thursday, then took me this Saturday to see Mates of State.

He gets to choose the shows he goes to & I know he chose it for me. I've listened to them for a few years, but they really are a band that's inspired me a lot. They after all made me fall back in love with the organ.

My grandmother taught me how to play when I was younger. We have countless pictures and videos of us playing together. She'd mainly sing hymnals but she would always sing in harmony and play perfectly, up until her last days. Of course, when I was young; I always thought the organ was huge, old, and sounded strange. We played, but I never loved it. It wasn't until a few years ago that  I started getting into the pop/synth sounds and first heard Mates of State. I was immediately drawn to the organ again and wanted nothing more than to play and sing again. My grandma's organ is still big and old, but that's why I've learned to love it. Anyways, I was so excited to see them finally after so long! 

All of last week was exhausting. I spent every day at the hospital working 8-5. When Saturday rolled around, I had to work 8-4 at Old Navy. I was hoping to go home and relax after work, before the show, but my dear shop-a-holic friend invited me out to the mall. I couldn't resist! So, I spent another 2 hours walking around the mall. Luckily, I didn't spend a lot of money. Then I realized I just had enough time to get home & change! My feets were already sore from walking in flats all day, but I was determined to go, pain or not. 

We wanted to stop and eat at Melt, which is one of our favorite restaurants in Cleveland, along the way. However, they recently got a lot of attention on TV and already previously had up to a 2 hour wait. So we knew we'd have to go somewhere else. We decided to stop in Akron at a little Italian restaurant called Luigi's. It's one of those places in the area that everyone knows of. If they don't, then they must not get out much. I've gone there so many late nights after dancing and drinking, or just going to pig out on pizza. Haha. It's amazing food!

My outfit for the night & new skirt I bought with Dawn. I'm trying really hard to not cut my hair off this Summer. So it's been in a braided up-do almost every day! Luigi's in the middle, no line either! At the end is Brent & wow how long his hair is getting!? It's always cute because it gets even curlier when it grows. We are both nerdy & took pictures in the bathroom mirror. [I know.]

After eating we headed for Cleveland! What a ride! We ended up half way there, then got pulled over for speeding! I have a long history with speeding tickets and car accidents. I've lost my license twice for speeding. I've even had a homeless man go through my windshield. Yep, bad luck! Which, Brent, who was driving also has! He's had less speeding tickets and more accidents though. He actually got in a car accident when he first moved to Ohio years ago in my car and broke his ribs! So yes, we try to be careful, but always find one of us is running into trouble. 

It was strange because we were driving at the end of a group of 5 or so cars going the same speed. When we saw the cop we immediately slowed down, but he still pulled us over. I myself was curious as to what speed he clocked us at, but it turns out a new law passed in Ohio that cops no longer have to use their radar! If they think you're speeding, they can pull you over! What BS right!? So, the cop came up to the window, asked what speed we thought we were going, & of course Brent thinking the speed limit was 65, said 70.  Little to our knowledge; the speed limit was 55! Gosh. He cited us at 70, but who knows how fast we were actually going. I was irate when I heard about the new law and the fact that this free concert was now going to cost us a lot of money. We tried to let go though and have a good night! 

So, the show. We came early with intentions of being up front and center so we could get good pictures for Brent's review. We didn't realize how crazy people would be. It's become really disappointing seeing the difference in shows between now and years ago. I mean it was blatant who was there for music and who was there to be drunk or fashionable. I'm sorry, but you can't enjoy music when you've had fourteen beers and can't even keep your speech from slurring! There was a group of girls to our right that were causing drama the entire night. I was really nervous they were going to start something with me & I wouldn't be able to control myself. I get so irritated by that! Next was a group of kids to our left that were all dressed up, looking everyone up and down, dressed in their gold pumps and tacky sunglasses. I go to concerts to feel the music; not for anyone or anything else. I wish there was a person who could filter out people like that at the door. It's such a shame!

 The openers really let me down. I mean okay it's funny and cute to have a magician and a comedian open, but I just wanted a different form of entertainment. The third act, or opening band was Free Energy. I tried really hard to be open to their sound and performance, but I just couldn't help but be critical. I won't be a bummer and just say: I was happy when Mates of State finally came out. 

I admit I haven't listened a lot to their new album, and luckily they played songs from Team Boo, Bring It Back and Re-Arrange Us. I immediately forgot about the rest of the crowd, my feet hurting, the speeding ticket... I just danced and sang my heart out. We didn't get a lot of good pictures because we weren't in the best spot. There was a lot of motion & let's face it we didn't bring the best cameras!

These were taken with the Hipstamatic app. Not the best, but still cute. I'm not sure what happened to Jason there in the center! If I remember correctly, the last photo is right around the same time they all broke out & played little ukuleles!

They were so cute playing together on stage. It must be so awesome to sing and travel together.

I felt like their set went so quickly. They came back out after leaving the stage and played another two songs. It still didn't seem like enough. I was shocked that it was already 2 am! It would've been nice to meet them, but I didn't want to fight the crowd and my exhaustion hit fast after the sound ended. We walked back to the car and I quickly fell asleep on the drive home. I didn't even remember getting home or getting in bed. Thankfully my alarm was still set for the next morning! Wewt for 4 hours of sleep that night! My feet hurt even more the next day at work on the floor another 8 hours. Guh. 

Skyline & my over-taken feet pictures. 
[they stayed on the dash the whole ride home]

In ending, I'll leave you with the one song that got me to fall in love with Mates of State and rediscover my love for the organ. Always a song that puts me in a great mood as well. <3 
It's really not the best video, or sound for that matter, but I'd suggest downloading it. 
[You get the gist!]

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Free Me Philly

I know, it's taken me a terrible amount of time to update. Brent and I's trip was amazing! Just like my fortune, I received more than I ever expected from the vacation. I've been busy since, thankfully I made the time tonight to update. 

The drive:
I am so happy I was able to stay awake the entire drive! We brought good music and lots of movies to watch on the way there. However, my eyes were glued to the outside the entire time. I adore scenery, we saw so many beautiful hills and flowers on the way there. We immediately knew we reached the city when we saw the buildings in the distance. Then we crossed the bridge to Philly! The last picture is actually driving home in the sunset after our first night. =]
The city:
Every street we stepped on was full of sights. From buildings, to restaurants, to boutiques. It was adorable. There was so much to see, it was impossible not to miss something. The third photo is of Art Star Philly! A place I've wanted to go to for many years. This is however their most recent location. The architecture of the building is beautiful! It was actually our very first stop. We met one of the owners, she was so incredibly sweet and suggested us places to visit in the city. They only had originals I was interested in instead of prints, which were way out of my budget. Instead I bought a journal, pins and a mug which you'll see later. 
 Honey's Restaurant:
Honey's was the place everyone suggested we go to. It was a really cute joint. We were lucky to have a short wait too! They have a variety of menu options. Brent raved over his meal. I got a three cheese grilled cheese which was also delish! Definitely one of our favorites!
 The streets:
So many buildings were painted with colorful murals. I saw most of them while driving so it was difficult to capture their detail. The center photo was just to demonstrate the people. There are cars, but everyone walks or rides bikes. Not just bikes, vintage adorable bikes. The last photo is Brent standing next to a home that I loved! The flowers in the windows in blue trim was too cute to boot! All the homes in the city were just as colorful and full of historic charm.
 The park:
We decided to cross through the park to our next destination. They had their own community garden, benches and floral gardens. They even had floral paper art hanging from the trees. I was constantly falling more and more in love with Philly!
More of the city:
The first photo is from the same park from the above pictures. On the other side of the mural was swings and slides for little kids. I heard a lot of horror stories about bad areas of the city, but honestly I saw more families than anything. Everyone was so polite and sweet. The center photo is of yet another bike and the last of some street art Brent found and snapped a picture of.
The Fabric Workshop and Museum:
First off, one of my favorite buildings we saw. It's phenomenal. Half the floors are closed to the public and devoted as workshops for artists all around the world that are called by invite only. The other floors were filled with art made from fabric to felt to horse hair. It was so contemporary and nontraditional. All the pieces were definitely one of a kind and interesting. It'd be such an honor to use their workshop.
 The museum:
We weren't lucky enough to visit the museum in time to see the Renoir exhibit, but we still saw his older artwork. Anytime I go to a museum and look at Renaissance artwork, it puts every painting I've ever created to shame. The oils, colors, blending, intricacy and immaculate detail was wowing. We spotted an infamous sunflower painting from Van Gogh, not that he didn't have a bunch of others. Look at that frame! Drool! The last photo was one of Brent's. There was an entire glass/ceramics exhibit showing pieces throughout history. We saw as much as we could at the museum, but knew we had other places to go to before 5 o'clock closing.
 Reading Terminal Market:
It was so funny, because I actually thought we were going to a book market place. We entered and the entire place was crowded with small foodie shops. They sold everything from fruit to chocolate to meat to cheese to herbs and spices. We were very disappointed we couldn't take advantage of the great selection and prices due to our long drive home.
 Ohhh Chinatown! This was definitely one of our biggest adventures! First off, is the gorgeous friendship gate donated to us from China in the 1900's. It was huge and impossible to capture in one shot. We walked up and down the streets that were filled with so many restaurants and tchotchke souvenir shops. I bought my friend an awesome jade Buddha figurine, or Brent did because I never carry cash! He also bought me two lucky cat key chains. I'm just obsessed with them. [It shouldn't be hard to figure out why!] One was yellow that I put on my keyring, the other was two good luck cat bells that I hung from my rear-view mirror in my car. 
Hello Kitty Shop:
Yes, I spotted a shop entirely devoted to Hello Kitty in Chinatown! I never thought I'd see so much! The picture to the right is of the treats I bought at Art Star and in Chinatown. Back row: A whale card Brent couldn't resist buying. & of course, of course, my very favorite koala and panda chocolate filled snacks! A fox mug from Art Star. Post card also from Art Star. Front Row: A beautiful journal designed by Jill Bliss that I've been debating purchasing for a while, but finally decided to when I saw it in person! Some packs of Hello Kitty Gum. Two of the good luck kitty key chains. A Hello Kitty nail file. Two pins from Art Star, one is a bicycle, the other is scissors. I tried to resist my shopping habits because the city was extremely expensive alone to spend time in. Each destination we parked at was $10! Then we purchased various tickets and food. All together our trip allotted to well over our $500 budget.
The Aquarium:
The aquarium was on our must see list. However we were slightly disappointed. The entire place was much smaller than we thought and way too expensive for the small exhibits they had. Our Akron zoo/aquarium had much more to offer. Although I stayed optimistic and snapped pictures of animals from hippos, to penguins and birds. The jellies were my most favorite, but we also saw sea turtles, hammerhead sharks and sharks! The coolest part was in fact their shark tunnel. It was pretty exhilarating standing in the middle of their domain seeing them from all angles and sides. They were so many!
Ben Franklin Soda Shop:
Hello adorable! The entire shop was old fashioned and cute! Brent and I looked at the sundae lists that was filled with unique sundaes. We were shocked when the cost for one was $9, but figured it was just the normal cost in the city. Then we received HUGE sundaes! I couldn't even finish half of mine! Brent got coffee flavored ice cream with hot fudge and chocolate covered coffee beans. I got chocolate ice cream with peanut butter sauce and pretzels. They were tasty, but way too much! On the way out we snatched some old fashioned sodas. We loved them so much we actually went to World Market yesterday and bought some more for home!
Morning Glory Diner:
This was our last Philly pit stop! We heard some good reviews on Urbanspoon and had to stop! There was a thirty minute wait, we stayed outside in the heat, but it was definitely worth the wait. It was uber cute inside, yet another joint with bar stools, colors, artwork, chalkboards and a scrumptious menu. I of course, being breakfast time, got pancakes. It was the first time I've ever had them served together with a watermelon. Such a perfect summer treat that actually went together really well!
Bethany Beach:
Our last day was spent at the beach. It's not a vacation without sand and water! We decided to drive all the way down to the end of Deleware to get out of the Bay and into the Atlantic. It was supposed to rain, but shockingly when we arrived the weather was perfect. We laid out in the sun for a bit then went swimming. I wore my sailor suit I got from Modcloth last year and still love. However, it doesn't hold in the ladies very well at all! I figured I'd be fine, without thinking about the massive waves that'd be knocking me over. It was pretty comical though. Brent and I were in the water, standing next to little kids, every wave that came knocked us down and dragged us up to shore, while the kids were all still standing fine. I felt pretty silly. However it was so much fun and definitely tiring fighting waves! We didn't spend a lot of time there because of our drive back. It was enough though because I was exhausted when I got home! 
Aloft Hotel:
Last but not least, was our hotel. In fact, it was the very first part of our Philly plans we had organized. Every hotel we viewed was expensive and old designed. We were so happy to find this gem! It was so hip and modern! It targeted the younger crowd with the colorful bar and blaring music! It was one of my favorite stays I've ever been in. The service and amenities were great. I took a shower every day there in their tiled walk in shower. I wish I could've taken home the shower and huge comfy king sized be! Haha.

Overall, these photos are all out of order but it'd be impossible to mention every sight and post every picture. I never expected to fall in love with the city. I've always been a country girl at heart. I have to say though, Brent and I fell in love. I've never felt like I was meant to be somewhere. I'm meant to be there. In a place that is original and constantly inspiring. No chain restaurants and plastic people. I was amazed and we didn't even see half of what we wanted to! We decided that when I graduate in May, I'll be applying for jobs there. It'd definitely be a dream come true. I can picture us thriving there and being much happier than where we're at now. In time we'll see!

It was really hard coming home, taking an exam online the same night, then going to bed and waking up at 6 am the next morning to go back to class. I'm holding on though to the finish and what this is all worth working for.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Picnic in the Park

Busy busy, but I can't get behind! After I colored my hair on Monday, Brent told me to we were going out! He took me to the park and packed lunch for a picnic! He's so cute and definitely spoils me. The weather was beautiful and so many people were out. We ate lunch, while listening to Sufjan Stevens on his iphone, then went walking by the pond. Afterwards we decided to go to the movies. We have a dollar theater in our town that shows movies that aren't newly released but only a month or two old. We wanted to see Greenberg, by the makers of Squid and the Whale, with Ben Stiller. We got there early and decided to play in the arcade. I actually had a lot of fun, even though I wasn't the greatest. Haha. Unfortunately, due to my cold and all the medicine I was on, I couldn't stay awake in the movie. It really shows how sick I was because I never fall asleep in movies! Brent and I left and drove home in the sunset. It was the perfect day. I went to bed early, in hopes to wake up feeling healthy and back to normal.
Brent looking so cute, unpacking our lunch.
 Pictures we took of each other with our new photo app
Yesterday I felt better, the worst of my cold was over. The majority of my day was spent at the hospital. When I got off I went to pick up my car from the shop. My parents were incredible and offered to pay for a new $300 alternator. Lets face it, without a car, or having to pay for the repair would've put a huge dent in Brent and I's trip. Having that burden off my shoulders, Brent and I went ahead and booked the hotel we wanted in Philly! 

Today is busy again! I never started packing because we weren't sure if we were going or not yet. My mind is racing with everything I have to bring and can't forget! Only thing is, my brother is coming home today from California! So after this post, I've gotta hurry to pack so I can spend time with my family. My mom was so cute last night and cleaned the whole house, went grocery shopping for all my brothers favorite snacks, then made his favorite meal, lasagna. She is so excited to see him! I can't believe it's been since Christmas!  I won't see him a lot until after we get back from Philly. I'm sure we'll have some things planned together. 

Boring post. Sorry guys. For sure the next post won't be! Not joking, I'm bringing 8 cameras to Philly. I know. I'm camera crazy. I'll only have the digital photos to post, but I'm most excited to use my Zenit-E, Lomo Chema and Holga in the city! 

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's a bumpy road

Bad things seem to happen in batches, at least for me. It started with what turned into a terrible cold. I have allergies that are seasonal, I suppose the my allergy medication not working was the cause. All the runny nose drainage turned into a sore throat, now coughing etc etc. I lost my voice completely yesterday at work. Today my voice sounds like a 80 year old smokers. When I woke up this morning I had a feeling going to the hospital wasn't going to work out. They have a big problem when employees are sick because our patients are way more susceptible to getting sick from us. Speaking of, my cold spread to Brent immediately and he rarely gets sick.

I stayed home from clinic, went back to sleep, then woke up at noon. However, I felt tired again after making myself some breakfast. I lounged around watching Say Yes to the Dress, and after three episodes I was tired of not doing anything. I threw on the most comfortable dress I own with an oversized cardigan and drove to Sally's. It was the first time I was too careless to not wear tights or leggings either. I felt entirely too uncomfortable during that short walk into the store and back without them. The dress is ultra fitted at the bottom and just hikes up higher and higher while I'm walking. Opps! But, I made it without seeing anyone I knew, grabbed my copper red hair color and drove back home. Updating my blog sounded perfect while I wait with a bun of smelly wet hair dye on my head! Brent is sneaking around in the kitchen, I have a feeling he's up to something. He's singing too, which is even cuter. It makes me feel so lucky, to have my sick boyfriend, doing things for me, when we should just both be relaxing sick together. 

Wait, I got very off track here. So, my cold was the first thing to come tumbling down on me. The next was my poor VW breaking down last night! I was driving and all of a sudden all the lights came on flickering, then all dimmed down. I thought it was just a glitch, but then all my lights went off and my car stopped. I made it to the side of the road, put on my flashers and called my parents. My dad is handy and knows what it is, who to call and so on. The tow came within thirty minutes and I am alas now stuck driving my moms SUV until my baby gets fixed. I debated getting a new car because she's been breaking down a lot lately, but if I get a new car, it will be NEW, which means $300 payments a month, which I can't afford until I graduate. 

Last thing that fell apart, well hasn't quite yet, but I have that sad feeling it will, is our vacation. Brent and I decided we'd stay some of the vacation with his Dad to cut down on the hotel cost. It started when we were browsing hotels in Philly and any under $100 were the center or dirty sheets and drug deals. We found a good deal however on a hotel we adored called Aloft. It was over our budget, so we decided to spend half the time there. BUT, after my car breaking down and having to take PTO today for my cold from school is really making our vacation look like a trip we'll have to postpone again. I just feel like Brent and I both need this vacation. Some time alone together to see new things and feel alone and not worrying about anything. I have 100 hours of PTO to use for the rest of the year, if I take the rest of this week off for my cold and for the vacation, it will be a heaping 40 hours. Also, if we go to Philly, we'll most likely have to use a credit card which I'm trying to keep paid off. My mind is going up and down about how much do I need this vacation and if it's worth it. I talked to my mom about it and I have a feeling they'll help out with the vacation. My dad already offered to pay for the car repair if it isn't over-the-top. As much as I want to feel independent, I admit I rely on them still, with a heart of thankfulness no doubt.
This is the Aloft hotel we were looking at in Philly.

Just another bump in the road! I know whatever happens, I'll be fine. I'll get over this silly cold. I'll spend time with Brent off of school and work whether we go somewhere or not. I'll have a car to drive, whether it's my Jetta or someone else's. & Now it's time to wash my hair!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lazy Saturdays

Today's been a lazy Saturday. It hasn't stopped raining all week. Which is best for blogging, because I can't keep myself indoors when the sun's out! Today I woke up early and worked a few hours. When I came back home at noon Brent was still sleeping! I decided to watch The Office online until he woke up. It was the episode from the first season where Dwight wants to form an alliance with Jim to find out who's leaving when they downsize. Jim was able to convince Dwight to hide inside a cardboard box inside the warehouse. Pam made a fake phone call to trick Dwight. He was stabbing holes in the box to hear, then knocked the whole box on it's side. It was hilarious. I have to say, The Office is the one show I've been able to watch repeatedly the past 6 years.

By the time Brent woke up, it was time for him to leave to work. Ever since then I've been lounging around, trying to avoid the thoughts of the 3 loads of dirty laundry calling my name. I have to have clean clothes to pack for vacation! Yep, I'm taking time off clinicals to go! I need some sort of break! We were unable to go on one to celebrate our anniversary in May, but June will do! We decided to visit Brent's dad in Delaware, stop in Philadelphia, then head over to the Delaware Bay beach! I'm so excited, although I'm worried 4 days isn't enough time! Either way, it's going to be a blast! Also, how awesome and perfect was the fortune I got today?!

Today's post must be short though! I'm going to help my mom clean today and do laundry! My brother is coming home from California this Thursday! [I'll still see him when I get home from vacation.] Yep, it will be a busy week! I'll leave you with an outfit inspiration I threw together. There's nothing I love more than dresses and nautical themes!

(shoes) (dress) (purse

Also, great deal on cute shoes! I'm debating between purple and tan! You can find them here:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Byrjun: Beginning

I've been hesitant to start my blog. But, I was just caught looking at clothes online for the second time today, guilty! It was that reminder that I needed to do something more productive than spend money on things I don't need. So, here's to the start to what I hope will be an adventurous journey! I've been a blogger, starting on livejournal when I was very young, let's just say, 10 years ago. =X I go back sometimes and read my old entries and want to cringe at myself! But I've grown from that lost girl and left that blog to the past. I moved onto other networks including tumblr, which was more inspirational than personal, and twitter. As far as twitter goes, lets face it, 160 characters to talk about your life is not enough! So, here I am, starting a new blog with a new name and a fresh start!
My name is Stacey. I'm an average girl in Ohio, that's got dreams that outreach a picket white fence. After graduating high school, I went to college with a major in Graphic Design. Art school was very expensive, too expensive for teaching me what I already knew at the beginning. So, I dropped out a year from graduating. I don't regret my decision, but sometimes wish I had just finished so I could have learned what I really didn't know. [I'm impatient, which you'll find out over time.] Of course I wonder, where would I be had I finished? .. But I'm content knowing I can always go back and finish later. I still feed my right brained interests with sewing, baking, shopping and selling a few items in my etsy shop throughout the year.
So where am I now? Well, I did a complete 180 shift. I went straight into the medical field to be an x-ray tech. Part of the reason I chose the field was due to my father being laid off work and watching my parents struggle to keep afloat for a year until he found a new job. I knew I wanted stability and they didn't want to see me go through what they did. At the same time the economy was falling apart and I knew, with graphic design, freelance work wouldn't be reliable. So here I am, ready to graduate finally in less than a year as a radiographer! It's been a challenge so far, and I'm not even finished! The program was hard to get into. Over 100 people applied, only 20 were chosen, and I was one of them. On site training is different from your normal college experience. I'm talking: waking up at 6am and getting home at 5pm so you can study your tail off for two exams each week. It's been a year since I've been to a concert. I barely hang out with my friends. I barely see my loved ones, let alone get time to myself, so it hasn't been fun in many ways. I won't say I'm not guilty of being short tempered and exhausted more than I should because of the stresses of the program either. I'm lucky to have such forgiving people in my life. I continue to push forward knowing the end will be worth it and now it's in sight! Enough blabbering about that!

Onto, my love life. I've got a man, and not just any man, he's truly, the anchor to my ship. I'm engaged to my best friend, my confidant, and my source of joy. We've been together for over five years. Isn't that incredible? My friend put it into the words of, "half a decade" and that's when it hit me. After being so close for long, you get this emotional overwhelming of the true feeling of, "your other half." It's a comfort that's unbeatable and can't be found with anyone or anything else. He proposed so sweetly at one of the parks we visited often in Spring of 2008. If you're questioning why we aren't married already, it's unfortunately due to that crazy schedule of mine. Every girl dreams about a wedding and I've been dreaming of mine for a long time. I know I want perfection; down to the very last detail. Which is so challenging with my tight schedule. However, to my excitement, this year we are finally planning for our wedding. It will take place next year when I graduate! It will be a great year!  
I could talk a lot more about myself, but I figure you'll discover more of me with my entries to come. I am hoping to be committed to blogging, despite my hectic life! I know there will be benefits from blogging about the future and being able to look at my growth from the past. Not to mention, I am so ecstatic to find new inspirational fellow bloggers! So, say hello and check back for new more exciting posts. =]

PS: Thanks to my english major hubbins for editing my post! I think he's about to have more!