Monday, June 7, 2010

It's a bumpy road

Bad things seem to happen in batches, at least for me. It started with what turned into a terrible cold. I have allergies that are seasonal, I suppose the my allergy medication not working was the cause. All the runny nose drainage turned into a sore throat, now coughing etc etc. I lost my voice completely yesterday at work. Today my voice sounds like a 80 year old smokers. When I woke up this morning I had a feeling going to the hospital wasn't going to work out. They have a big problem when employees are sick because our patients are way more susceptible to getting sick from us. Speaking of, my cold spread to Brent immediately and he rarely gets sick.

I stayed home from clinic, went back to sleep, then woke up at noon. However, I felt tired again after making myself some breakfast. I lounged around watching Say Yes to the Dress, and after three episodes I was tired of not doing anything. I threw on the most comfortable dress I own with an oversized cardigan and drove to Sally's. It was the first time I was too careless to not wear tights or leggings either. I felt entirely too uncomfortable during that short walk into the store and back without them. The dress is ultra fitted at the bottom and just hikes up higher and higher while I'm walking. Opps! But, I made it without seeing anyone I knew, grabbed my copper red hair color and drove back home. Updating my blog sounded perfect while I wait with a bun of smelly wet hair dye on my head! Brent is sneaking around in the kitchen, I have a feeling he's up to something. He's singing too, which is even cuter. It makes me feel so lucky, to have my sick boyfriend, doing things for me, when we should just both be relaxing sick together. 

Wait, I got very off track here. So, my cold was the first thing to come tumbling down on me. The next was my poor VW breaking down last night! I was driving and all of a sudden all the lights came on flickering, then all dimmed down. I thought it was just a glitch, but then all my lights went off and my car stopped. I made it to the side of the road, put on my flashers and called my parents. My dad is handy and knows what it is, who to call and so on. The tow came within thirty minutes and I am alas now stuck driving my moms SUV until my baby gets fixed. I debated getting a new car because she's been breaking down a lot lately, but if I get a new car, it will be NEW, which means $300 payments a month, which I can't afford until I graduate. 

Last thing that fell apart, well hasn't quite yet, but I have that sad feeling it will, is our vacation. Brent and I decided we'd stay some of the vacation with his Dad to cut down on the hotel cost. It started when we were browsing hotels in Philly and any under $100 were the center or dirty sheets and drug deals. We found a good deal however on a hotel we adored called Aloft. It was over our budget, so we decided to spend half the time there. BUT, after my car breaking down and having to take PTO today for my cold from school is really making our vacation look like a trip we'll have to postpone again. I just feel like Brent and I both need this vacation. Some time alone together to see new things and feel alone and not worrying about anything. I have 100 hours of PTO to use for the rest of the year, if I take the rest of this week off for my cold and for the vacation, it will be a heaping 40 hours. Also, if we go to Philly, we'll most likely have to use a credit card which I'm trying to keep paid off. My mind is going up and down about how much do I need this vacation and if it's worth it. I talked to my mom about it and I have a feeling they'll help out with the vacation. My dad already offered to pay for the car repair if it isn't over-the-top. As much as I want to feel independent, I admit I rely on them still, with a heart of thankfulness no doubt.
This is the Aloft hotel we were looking at in Philly.

Just another bump in the road! I know whatever happens, I'll be fine. I'll get over this silly cold. I'll spend time with Brent off of school and work whether we go somewhere or not. I'll have a car to drive, whether it's my Jetta or someone else's. & Now it's time to wash my hair!

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