Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bare feet no more!

It's summer time! There's nothing more I love than bare feet and feeling grass between my toes! However, when cute shoes are in the picture, I'm choosing shoes! There is two things I shop for, dresses and SHOES. I am a bit of a closet shoe junkie. They're one item I just can't resist! My collection has gotten out of hand. But they are afterall in my mind the best addition to any outfit! So, I browsed and threw together a few favorites!

 Pumps: The perfect piece with a dress or skirt! The first pair caught my eye because of the vintage charm and nautical colors! The second pair have a great shape that I can picture rocking with skinny jeans! Last but not least, I love anything yellow! The weave texture it perfect too!

Flats: I'd love to wear sandals all day or heels, but the most comfortable and most fashionable in my opinion is the basic flats! My favorites below are a variety, but all share the same look between the cut-out, lace or weave design.  

Casual: Of course, Toms, espadrilles, moccasins and oxfords are on my must have list. Also, how fantastic are the handmade moccasins on the right? I'd love to add those to my closet!

The best for last! 
These flats, are original, vintage inspired and still have those fabulous nautical colors! I had to put them in their own category! They'd be adorable with a dress or jeans or anything! Drool!


  1. All of the shoes are adorable! xo


  2. Thanks! I am happy you commented & I found your blog!