Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Picnic in the Park

Busy busy, but I can't get behind! After I colored my hair on Monday, Brent told me to we were going out! He took me to the park and packed lunch for a picnic! He's so cute and definitely spoils me. The weather was beautiful and so many people were out. We ate lunch, while listening to Sufjan Stevens on his iphone, then went walking by the pond. Afterwards we decided to go to the movies. We have a dollar theater in our town that shows movies that aren't newly released but only a month or two old. We wanted to see Greenberg, by the makers of Squid and the Whale, with Ben Stiller. We got there early and decided to play in the arcade. I actually had a lot of fun, even though I wasn't the greatest. Haha. Unfortunately, due to my cold and all the medicine I was on, I couldn't stay awake in the movie. It really shows how sick I was because I never fall asleep in movies! Brent and I left and drove home in the sunset. It was the perfect day. I went to bed early, in hopes to wake up feeling healthy and back to normal.
Brent looking so cute, unpacking our lunch.
 Pictures we took of each other with our new photo app
Yesterday I felt better, the worst of my cold was over. The majority of my day was spent at the hospital. When I got off I went to pick up my car from the shop. My parents were incredible and offered to pay for a new $300 alternator. Lets face it, without a car, or having to pay for the repair would've put a huge dent in Brent and I's trip. Having that burden off my shoulders, Brent and I went ahead and booked the hotel we wanted in Philly! 

Today is busy again! I never started packing because we weren't sure if we were going or not yet. My mind is racing with everything I have to bring and can't forget! Only thing is, my brother is coming home today from California! So after this post, I've gotta hurry to pack so I can spend time with my family. My mom was so cute last night and cleaned the whole house, went grocery shopping for all my brothers favorite snacks, then made his favorite meal, lasagna. She is so excited to see him! I can't believe it's been since Christmas!  I won't see him a lot until after we get back from Philly. I'm sure we'll have some things planned together. 

Boring post. Sorry guys. For sure the next post won't be! Not joking, I'm bringing 8 cameras to Philly. I know. I'm camera crazy. I'll only have the digital photos to post, but I'm most excited to use my Zenit-E, Lomo Chema and Holga in the city! 

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