Monday, June 21, 2010

Love loud, don't lose loud.

It's Monday already?! I have to update you on Brent & I's trip Saturday! He has been writing for an online magazine called AltOhio and has been fortunate enough to review concerts, which means free concert tickets for us! He saw Beach House on Thursday, then took me this Saturday to see Mates of State.

He gets to choose the shows he goes to & I know he chose it for me. I've listened to them for a few years, but they really are a band that's inspired me a lot. They after all made me fall back in love with the organ.

My grandmother taught me how to play when I was younger. We have countless pictures and videos of us playing together. She'd mainly sing hymnals but she would always sing in harmony and play perfectly, up until her last days. Of course, when I was young; I always thought the organ was huge, old, and sounded strange. We played, but I never loved it. It wasn't until a few years ago that  I started getting into the pop/synth sounds and first heard Mates of State. I was immediately drawn to the organ again and wanted nothing more than to play and sing again. My grandma's organ is still big and old, but that's why I've learned to love it. Anyways, I was so excited to see them finally after so long! 

All of last week was exhausting. I spent every day at the hospital working 8-5. When Saturday rolled around, I had to work 8-4 at Old Navy. I was hoping to go home and relax after work, before the show, but my dear shop-a-holic friend invited me out to the mall. I couldn't resist! So, I spent another 2 hours walking around the mall. Luckily, I didn't spend a lot of money. Then I realized I just had enough time to get home & change! My feets were already sore from walking in flats all day, but I was determined to go, pain or not. 

We wanted to stop and eat at Melt, which is one of our favorite restaurants in Cleveland, along the way. However, they recently got a lot of attention on TV and already previously had up to a 2 hour wait. So we knew we'd have to go somewhere else. We decided to stop in Akron at a little Italian restaurant called Luigi's. It's one of those places in the area that everyone knows of. If they don't, then they must not get out much. I've gone there so many late nights after dancing and drinking, or just going to pig out on pizza. Haha. It's amazing food!

My outfit for the night & new skirt I bought with Dawn. I'm trying really hard to not cut my hair off this Summer. So it's been in a braided up-do almost every day! Luigi's in the middle, no line either! At the end is Brent & wow how long his hair is getting!? It's always cute because it gets even curlier when it grows. We are both nerdy & took pictures in the bathroom mirror. [I know.]

After eating we headed for Cleveland! What a ride! We ended up half way there, then got pulled over for speeding! I have a long history with speeding tickets and car accidents. I've lost my license twice for speeding. I've even had a homeless man go through my windshield. Yep, bad luck! Which, Brent, who was driving also has! He's had less speeding tickets and more accidents though. He actually got in a car accident when he first moved to Ohio years ago in my car and broke his ribs! So yes, we try to be careful, but always find one of us is running into trouble. 

It was strange because we were driving at the end of a group of 5 or so cars going the same speed. When we saw the cop we immediately slowed down, but he still pulled us over. I myself was curious as to what speed he clocked us at, but it turns out a new law passed in Ohio that cops no longer have to use their radar! If they think you're speeding, they can pull you over! What BS right!? So, the cop came up to the window, asked what speed we thought we were going, & of course Brent thinking the speed limit was 65, said 70.  Little to our knowledge; the speed limit was 55! Gosh. He cited us at 70, but who knows how fast we were actually going. I was irate when I heard about the new law and the fact that this free concert was now going to cost us a lot of money. We tried to let go though and have a good night! 

So, the show. We came early with intentions of being up front and center so we could get good pictures for Brent's review. We didn't realize how crazy people would be. It's become really disappointing seeing the difference in shows between now and years ago. I mean it was blatant who was there for music and who was there to be drunk or fashionable. I'm sorry, but you can't enjoy music when you've had fourteen beers and can't even keep your speech from slurring! There was a group of girls to our right that were causing drama the entire night. I was really nervous they were going to start something with me & I wouldn't be able to control myself. I get so irritated by that! Next was a group of kids to our left that were all dressed up, looking everyone up and down, dressed in their gold pumps and tacky sunglasses. I go to concerts to feel the music; not for anyone or anything else. I wish there was a person who could filter out people like that at the door. It's such a shame!

 The openers really let me down. I mean okay it's funny and cute to have a magician and a comedian open, but I just wanted a different form of entertainment. The third act, or opening band was Free Energy. I tried really hard to be open to their sound and performance, but I just couldn't help but be critical. I won't be a bummer and just say: I was happy when Mates of State finally came out. 

I admit I haven't listened a lot to their new album, and luckily they played songs from Team Boo, Bring It Back and Re-Arrange Us. I immediately forgot about the rest of the crowd, my feet hurting, the speeding ticket... I just danced and sang my heart out. We didn't get a lot of good pictures because we weren't in the best spot. There was a lot of motion & let's face it we didn't bring the best cameras!

These were taken with the Hipstamatic app. Not the best, but still cute. I'm not sure what happened to Jason there in the center! If I remember correctly, the last photo is right around the same time they all broke out & played little ukuleles!

They were so cute playing together on stage. It must be so awesome to sing and travel together.

I felt like their set went so quickly. They came back out after leaving the stage and played another two songs. It still didn't seem like enough. I was shocked that it was already 2 am! It would've been nice to meet them, but I didn't want to fight the crowd and my exhaustion hit fast after the sound ended. We walked back to the car and I quickly fell asleep on the drive home. I didn't even remember getting home or getting in bed. Thankfully my alarm was still set for the next morning! Wewt for 4 hours of sleep that night! My feet hurt even more the next day at work on the floor another 8 hours. Guh. 

Skyline & my over-taken feet pictures. 
[they stayed on the dash the whole ride home]

In ending, I'll leave you with the one song that got me to fall in love with Mates of State and rediscover my love for the organ. Always a song that puts me in a great mood as well. <3 
It's really not the best video, or sound for that matter, but I'd suggest downloading it. 
[You get the gist!]

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