Friday, June 4, 2010

Byrjun: Beginning

I've been hesitant to start my blog. But, I was just caught looking at clothes online for the second time today, guilty! It was that reminder that I needed to do something more productive than spend money on things I don't need. So, here's to the start to what I hope will be an adventurous journey! I've been a blogger, starting on livejournal when I was very young, let's just say, 10 years ago. =X I go back sometimes and read my old entries and want to cringe at myself! But I've grown from that lost girl and left that blog to the past. I moved onto other networks including tumblr, which was more inspirational than personal, and twitter. As far as twitter goes, lets face it, 160 characters to talk about your life is not enough! So, here I am, starting a new blog with a new name and a fresh start!
My name is Stacey. I'm an average girl in Ohio, that's got dreams that outreach a picket white fence. After graduating high school, I went to college with a major in Graphic Design. Art school was very expensive, too expensive for teaching me what I already knew at the beginning. So, I dropped out a year from graduating. I don't regret my decision, but sometimes wish I had just finished so I could have learned what I really didn't know. [I'm impatient, which you'll find out over time.] Of course I wonder, where would I be had I finished? .. But I'm content knowing I can always go back and finish later. I still feed my right brained interests with sewing, baking, shopping and selling a few items in my etsy shop throughout the year.
So where am I now? Well, I did a complete 180 shift. I went straight into the medical field to be an x-ray tech. Part of the reason I chose the field was due to my father being laid off work and watching my parents struggle to keep afloat for a year until he found a new job. I knew I wanted stability and they didn't want to see me go through what they did. At the same time the economy was falling apart and I knew, with graphic design, freelance work wouldn't be reliable. So here I am, ready to graduate finally in less than a year as a radiographer! It's been a challenge so far, and I'm not even finished! The program was hard to get into. Over 100 people applied, only 20 were chosen, and I was one of them. On site training is different from your normal college experience. I'm talking: waking up at 6am and getting home at 5pm so you can study your tail off for two exams each week. It's been a year since I've been to a concert. I barely hang out with my friends. I barely see my loved ones, let alone get time to myself, so it hasn't been fun in many ways. I won't say I'm not guilty of being short tempered and exhausted more than I should because of the stresses of the program either. I'm lucky to have such forgiving people in my life. I continue to push forward knowing the end will be worth it and now it's in sight! Enough blabbering about that!

Onto, my love life. I've got a man, and not just any man, he's truly, the anchor to my ship. I'm engaged to my best friend, my confidant, and my source of joy. We've been together for over five years. Isn't that incredible? My friend put it into the words of, "half a decade" and that's when it hit me. After being so close for long, you get this emotional overwhelming of the true feeling of, "your other half." It's a comfort that's unbeatable and can't be found with anyone or anything else. He proposed so sweetly at one of the parks we visited often in Spring of 2008. If you're questioning why we aren't married already, it's unfortunately due to that crazy schedule of mine. Every girl dreams about a wedding and I've been dreaming of mine for a long time. I know I want perfection; down to the very last detail. Which is so challenging with my tight schedule. However, to my excitement, this year we are finally planning for our wedding. It will take place next year when I graduate! It will be a great year!  
I could talk a lot more about myself, but I figure you'll discover more of me with my entries to come. I am hoping to be committed to blogging, despite my hectic life! I know there will be benefits from blogging about the future and being able to look at my growth from the past. Not to mention, I am so ecstatic to find new inspirational fellow bloggers! So, say hello and check back for new more exciting posts. =]

PS: Thanks to my english major hubbins for editing my post! I think he's about to have more!

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