Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lazy Saturdays

Today's been a lazy Saturday. It hasn't stopped raining all week. Which is best for blogging, because I can't keep myself indoors when the sun's out! Today I woke up early and worked a few hours. When I came back home at noon Brent was still sleeping! I decided to watch The Office online until he woke up. It was the episode from the first season where Dwight wants to form an alliance with Jim to find out who's leaving when they downsize. Jim was able to convince Dwight to hide inside a cardboard box inside the warehouse. Pam made a fake phone call to trick Dwight. He was stabbing holes in the box to hear, then knocked the whole box on it's side. It was hilarious. I have to say, The Office is the one show I've been able to watch repeatedly the past 6 years.

By the time Brent woke up, it was time for him to leave to work. Ever since then I've been lounging around, trying to avoid the thoughts of the 3 loads of dirty laundry calling my name. I have to have clean clothes to pack for vacation! Yep, I'm taking time off clinicals to go! I need some sort of break! We were unable to go on one to celebrate our anniversary in May, but June will do! We decided to visit Brent's dad in Delaware, stop in Philadelphia, then head over to the Delaware Bay beach! I'm so excited, although I'm worried 4 days isn't enough time! Either way, it's going to be a blast! Also, how awesome and perfect was the fortune I got today?!

Today's post must be short though! I'm going to help my mom clean today and do laundry! My brother is coming home from California this Thursday! [I'll still see him when I get home from vacation.] Yep, it will be a busy week! I'll leave you with an outfit inspiration I threw together. There's nothing I love more than dresses and nautical themes!

(shoes) (dress) (purse

Also, great deal on cute shoes! I'm debating between purple and tan! You can find them here:

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