Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bye Big Purses!

Hello Bloggers! Recently I've been trying to shy away from the large boho purses. I know what you're thinking, I have one which you've seen in all my outfit pictures! I purchased it for our Philly trip because I needed one large enough to carry our cameras. Prior to the trip; I had downsized to a small, beautiful, over the shoulder, tooled purse from Urban Outfitters. It was originally over a hundred dollars, but I got it at an outlet store for $20!
Only picture I have of it unfortunately.

Back to the point. If you are in fact an owner of large purses, you understand how difficult it is to move to a small one! I carry not only Office Max in my purse; but pieces of my closet, first aid kits, and any in-case item. When I first downsized, I found that less is more! I only had the most necessary items and there was no more digging to find things! So now, I'm downsizing even more!

Hello to the 70's and 80's small, leather, saddle purses. I had a bunch of them in my closet that I wish I never got rid of. When I was younger, I thought they were tacky! Well not all are tacky. In fact, bright colors are the perfect accent for an outfit. I decided it was time to add to my collection. I began my search on Etsy, which quickly became overwhelming when my search results were narrowed to 4,500 purses. The past two days I went through all of them and made my top favorites! I decided, why not share them with you? Whether or not you're a fan of small purses, some of these are worth checking out!

All my selections are leather, 70's or 80's, and over-the-shoulder straps. The strap length is a must for me! I can't stand any thing else anymore! It's so nice to have two free hands and nothing to worry about holding!

This stunner was my purchase! 
Yellow is my favorite color. 
It's 80's but not too over the top. 
I purchased it from MyGmasCloset

This purse strap needed a little TLC.
I love the woven texture, and what doesn't a white purse match with?
I can't say all my choices can be dressed up, but this purse definitely can!
$35 also from MyGmasCloset

Hello, vintage Coach! 
This beautiful baby is cream and will go with everything. 
It's a soft transition too as it still has some of that Boho style.
$59 from VintageOriental 

This purse seriously hasn't sold yet?
It's 80's awesome! Haha.
Plus aren't triangles all the rage right now?

This woven hot pink (okay a little tacky) purse is calling my name! 
Not too small and guarantees to be a pop of color.
Only $22 from Coldfish

Okay, I know this one screams 80's.
I think it's such a fun design!
$60 from Pinguim

Maybe the solid mustard yellow is a better choice?
This would be PERFECT with a navy dress. 
ONLY $20 from Sunfunnels
(I know I get excited when I see good deals!)

Moving from yellow to tan! Haha.
This one is definitely more 70's.
Not woven, but hand tooled! Tricks the eye I know!
ONLY $21 from RockinRubysVintage

Another 70's leather classic.
I like that it's plain, it makes it a lot more versatile. 

This is a teeny purse. I don't know how I'd even get my wallet in there!
Pretty grandma-ish but would shine with the right outfit. 
$35 from VeroVintage

This purse's stitching caught my eye. 
I can see it's potential again with the right outfit.
Only $20 from NoCarnations

This bag is just a smaller version of what we're seeing today.
I still love it!
$26 from TheParaders

So if you're thinking again, too 80's, It's not!
This would look so hip with a pair of skinny jeans. 
Envision it! 
Especially when it's ONLY $12 from LittleLotteVintage
You buy it, or I will!

I wasn't sure about this purse, but kept going back to it. 
70's tooling and tassel keep the vintage look.
$25 from CassiesAttic

Maybe a little too 80's? I'm still loving it. 
ONLY $13 from MaggieRoseVintage

This one is another easy transition to todays style.
It will hold a bit more than the others and is super cheap!
 $12 from NostalgiaHandbags

I know I said I love every purse, but this is my number two favorite! 
Gray is such a great color and hard to find!
The stitching and ruching, oh me oh my! 
I'll be snatching up soon if you guys don't!
Only $18 from SimpleVintage

PS: My man had to give me a hard time when he noticed I was making a blog post all about purses. [Which we ladies know, it's only about one kind of purse! There's many more to talk about!] He had to poke fun and mention, "You never see guys talking about wallets or blogging about them. We don't go up to our guy friends and say, 'Have you seen this wallet? Isn't it cute? It has a pocket for my giftcards!" I started cracking up and had to share with you all! I take pride in being girly and fashionable. At least he loves me for it. =]


  1. man oh man! these are definitely making me rethink my everything-including-the-kitchen-sink approach to handbags! LOVE!

  2. Haha! I know seriously! It was really hard to transition to a small purse but it's worth it! Thanks for checking it out babe!