Monday, July 5, 2010

Mellow Monday

How was everyone's 4th of July? Brent and I spent time with my family and had a cook out. After we watched fireworks from a golf course in my hometown. I got mosquito bites EVERYWHERE. I knew I should've brought bug spray! I'm still itching them like crazy! Here's a quick picture of the fireworks. Due to the economy the cut the amount. I was sad I just miss how they used to be. I wasn't even sure if the finale was the finale!

Onwards, the weather here has been beautiful lately. I've been spending almost all of my spare time outdoors. The temperature has been around 90 every day and I've definitely been feeling the humidity! It's the pure feeling of summer. Every day is full of sunshine followed by sweet summer nights. I decided to throw together some fun photos of things I love in the summer. 


Sweet drinks:

 Sandy beaches:

Bicycle rides:



Summer dresses:

 Bare feet:

 Ice cream:
Cloud gazing:

Windy car rides:

Starry nights:

[all images from weheartit]

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