Thursday, July 22, 2010

A real update!

My night class is officially over! I've been behind on sleep and decided to take today off so I could for once sleep in without setting my alarm! I woke up thinking it was noon, but it was only 9am! Haha. I just can't get sleep can I? I decided to make breakfast and catch up on television shows before getting to business! Brent left last night to go visit his family in Louisiana before school started back up. His grandma was recently diagnosed again with breast cancer and had surgery. It's so sad because she is honestly the sweetest woman ever. I love her as much as my own grandma. She calls everyone sugar and pumpkin. It's so cute. Brent also hasn't seen the rest of his family for almost a year. His cousin just found out she's pregnant and we're so excited for her! It's been hard for Brent living here for 5 years and not seeing his family. If we could afford to go down there every month we would. 

In the midst of my hectic schedule since I updated last, I of course made some time to bake and sew! To start, I recently found a recipe online for peanut butter button cookies. I immediately thought they were beyond adorable and brilliant! They were  so simple to make and will now be a design I use whenever I make peanut butter cookies! 

Here mine are just before going in the oven! So cute!
This image is from
I never took a picture of mine post-dipping! 

The day after baking I decided to start a project for my friend Dawn. She's moving out of the house and into her first apartment! So exciting! I know how challenging it is to decorate apartment walls that can't be painted! I wanted to go stock up on little things you forget about needing like towels and trash cans, but that's not cute and I can't afford it! So I grabbed scraps from my fabric bin and started cutting triangles! I made three different length strands of bunting for her bedroom or living room. I wish I had placed them more sporadically, but I'm still pleased! 

I also decided to attempt to make my very first pot holder! I will eventually sell them on etsy when I get better. I was easier than I thought, minus the trim. When I first purchased the fabric I knew I had to use it for something in the kitchen! 

Last thing I did since my last post was color my hair! Nothing too exciting or out of the norm I know. I've just been struggling with it lately. I have been bouncing around with hair colors for years and always find myself going back to red. However instead of the intense red, I did an orange-copper red. I loved it and so did everyone else. I've never had so many compliments from strangers about how well it brought out my complexion and asking if the color was natural. I fell in love! So I've kept it for the past seven months. However, I usually change by now and Brent's been asking me to go back to blonde. So I decided I was going to gradually go back and I purchased copper blonde color to start. However, I think because of the amount of permanent hair color previously it did nothing! I sadly am going to have to strip it if I really want to go back. I just don't think I'm ready!  

 It looks darker/lighter depending on the light.
There's the blouse and dress I purchased yesterday too!

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