Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Singing in the Sun

Today was great. I took the day off clinicals to relax and catch up on homework. I still had an exam at later around six, but it was short and I got to come straight back home!

Brent plays music a lot more than I do, but we both struggle practicing because of the noise. The apartment walls are paper thin and lets face it, you can strum a guitar quietly, but not a violin! We decided since it was so pretty out, to take our instruments to a field near my parents and play. It was near our community garden, so it was pretty funny when we were playing and people were peeking over the hill to see what was going on. We stayed for an hour or two, but the sun started going down and more bugs started coming out. I swear, some of those critters I've never seen before! I'm not a camper, I cannot deal with bugs much at all! I also got a dozen or so more mosquito bites. You think I'd learn by now! Haha.
We brought the acoustic, my violin, my grandpa's tambourine, and a harmonica.
I decided to break out my Polaroid camera. The film is expired. I only have two more packs. I've been trying to savor them! 
Oh and I'm wearing an old lady's night gown that I got for 25 cents at goodwill! Haha.

I tried the Panoramic camera on my phone, the colors turned out a little wacky though.

I'll leave you with one of our favorite songs to sing together. It's actually a cover by Cocoon of Hey Ya by Outkast. It's just so sweet and perfect. I love it.

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