Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Cameras for my Collection!


I get ridiculously excited about new cameras. I have slowly, but surely become an addict! My love for photography started when I was young. At family gatherings and parties I would steal cameras and run around taking pictures. Today, my family holds me soley responsible for pictures! My love peaked in my high school photography class. I learned there was so much more than an eye behind the viewfinder. All I'll say is that the photo dark room quickly became my safe haven. I struggled the end of high school and would've dropped out if it wasn't for for my old art teachers and my current fiance.

Around that time five years ago I discovered Lomography and quickly became head over heels discovering even more new amazing gadgets! I first started collecting Lomo cameras, then this past year started collecting vintage cameras. They have definitlely been a challenge considering barely any of the cameras in my collection take today's film. I have to find the old film online or re-spool current film, then figure out how the heck to get them develpoed! However, it's been so rewarding and become one of my favorite hobbies!

Onwards! I dropped by the thrift store today since I had some free time. I only managed to find a few things, but 4 of those things were $2 cameras from the 1960's through 1980's. I was shaking with excitement! Two of the Kodak cameras still have film from the previous owners too!

Yes, I was so excited I took photobooth pictures!
[PS: I finally changed my red hair! Hello, blondie!]

I also found an awesome sheet to use as fabric!
The bright colors caught my eye right away.
Now to decide, use it for curtains or aprons? 
Also, this little cute dress for my etsy shop!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Valentina Ramos

I recently found Valentina Ramos on Ever So Lovely! I loved her art so much I wanted to share with you, just in-case you didn't see it on her blog! I doodle very similar with small little details. So of course her art style completely appealed to me! It truly is artwork and so pretty to look at! Just posting a few favorites for you all! Make sure you check out her blog and her etsy!
I love how most of her art includes inspirational lines.
By far my favorite. The colors just flow together so beautifully!
I'd love to hang this print in my kitchen! So cute.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thrift finds!

I know I've been gone for a while! Things have been so incredibly busy! My 4 year old digital camera just decided to start working again, so I was able to take some pictures of my most recent thrift finds! Mind you this was over a few weeks. If this was one trip it'd surely be the most successful! Look forward to seeing them in my shop soon! <3

First up, this adorable radio! It still works too! 
One of my favorite finds!
 These little salt & pepper shakers my friend actually found for me! 
 This huge owl bank and gorgeous golden frame!
Two pictures. I love the charm of the first one. 
This beaut Brent bought me. I just wish I could find film for it!
Bought these thinking I'd be able to squeeze into them! 
Bought them anyways, to etsy they'll go!
Multiple Mugs. I LOVE the front runner the most!
A pretty peacock, a pretty plate!
A wallet, old buttons, vintage lace, key & broach!
Owl trivets! Actually came in a lot of 6! Wowza!
Three cute tins! Not sure what I'll store in them yet!
A cute little floral dress! 
PS: Say hello to my new dress form! Hooray!
This pretty striped dress! I might keep for myself!

Pleaseeee forgive the poor quaility. My digital is barely working! I'm looking for a new one once school loans come in! =]

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Four Goals

(Source: 1, 2, 3, 4)

I am very late on hopping on the Four Goals bus! When I first read Elsie's post I couldn't think of my four personal goals. After a few days of thinking, of course I knew my goals!

Goal One: Short and Simple. Get blogging! I plan on dedicating more of my time to making this blog mine! I am hoping for a new layout soon as well as re-organizing my tags and topics. I'm also going to stop taking poor quality photos with my phone! Shame on me! I know this blog was created as a device to share my life and my inspirations. When other readers find me I want them to want to keep reading! 

Goal Two: Not short or simple! It's time I stopped being inspired with folders of wedding ideas and started making decisions! I am the most indecisive person in the world. Luckily I've got my bridesmaids picked, family and a fiance to help me clarify and decide. The wedding can't wait any longer. I have to focus on my dream wedding coming to reality! This will relieve a ton of stress and bring a lot of happiness! One decision at a time.

Goal Three: Make healthy choices. Little by little the more healthier choices I make, the more my lifestyle will change for the better. Instead of munching on 100 calorie packs, I'm going to munch on actual veggies! I love fruit, but struggle eating veggies unless they're in a big stir-fry! Haha. Healthy choices aren't just with food, it's with activity. I always opt for stairs instead of elevators, but now I'm going to start taking farther parking spots and longer routes walking. When I'm lounging on the couch watching a TV show, I'm going to work out. I can multi-task!

Goal Four: Sew and create! I've put my etsy shop into my last priority in my life. However, there's nothing more I enjoy than thrifting and seeing a finished handmade product! I had hoped when I opened my shop it'd be a great success, but I've really slacked in keeping it updated and together. I know spending more time creating will help bring in more income and fulfillment!

On a side note: Check out a giveaway for two beautiful blue lamps here!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's time to bake!

Peanut Butter M&M Cookies:

My Kitchenaid mixer makes baking a breeze!
 Just a ten minute wait!
 Fresh, warm, gooey, cookies!

Today was filled with lots of lounging! I can't help it. Some days I just don't want to do much at all! Brent and I recently started watching the show Weeds on Netflix and have watched it nonstop since! We watched almost a whole season today. Haha. That was when I had to get up and do something! 

The hospital I'm visiting this week actually asked me to bake cookies for them. Not kidding! Word of mouth passes quick. I walked in after lunch and they basically told me I was bringing in cookies tomorrow. They wanted my iced sugar cookies, but there's no way I have time for that! So instead used my favorite recipe for peanut butter cookies and slapped them together. Quickest baking time ever, 10 minute prep and 10 minutes baking! I feel like a pro. [I wish!]

I enjoy baking so much. I'd rather bake than cook any day. I've been trying to change that though, because Lord knows how unhealthy that habit is! If you're interested in the recipe it's posted here on my tumblr. =]

Monday, August 16, 2010



I adore this print. I know when I eventually get my tattoo it will have this quote. Today was spent at the hospital. I rotated through Radiation Therapy. It is one of the paths I can follow after my degree. If you don't know, it's using radiation to treat cancer patients. My rotation so far has been interesting. I realize that it's a really difficult field, but it's also rewarding. I'm just not sure if I could spend a whole entire year again studying physics! Anyways, to get to my point. I realized spending my day with so many patients that were dealing with something so close to death, that I've got it good. I have it really good. I'm so fortunate to be healthy and in the life I have. Sure, things might not seem to be easy right now, but I have a lot more opportunities than I realize. I need to stop comparing myself to others successes. One day, I'll get there. 

I was inspired today to come home and get crafty. I recently skipped out my my good friends birthday. Her name is Alyssa. She's also going to be one of my bridesmaids. I actually just met her this past year, but we've become each-others support in radiography school. We are both artistic outgoing girls that are putting ourselves in square boxes to make a buck to break free. I can count on her for anything. Anyways, I felt terrible missing out on her birthday and she's always teasing me about my crafts and baking. So I made her an apron and matching oven mitt. I know she'll enjoy it. I just hope she uses it! Haha. 

Adorable right? I love the fabric the most! 
I also ran out of lace, so made my own with a ruffle gatthering! 
I'm thinking of replicating these to sell on etsy for about $15?
 This picture is from a while ago.. when we got a hotel and partied 3 days straight with a bunch of friends! It was a blast. Alyssa is in the middle. =] 

Inspiring story about Alyssa since I'm saying how lucky we are to be here. She was actually in a terrible accident a few year ago. She was outside walking with her friends and a drunk driver hit her and drove off. She has rods all throughout her body. (The scar on her arm seen) They were shocked she actually lived. I always think, there's a reason she made it through that day. She's meant to be here for a reason. I think we all are. <3

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Stop, Collaborate & Listen
(Vanilla Ice! Hah!)
The photo says it all. I want new positive things in my life, but all that's seemed to spring up new hasn't been what I've been hoping for. I've had a cold the past week... yet again. Ick! I need to double up on my OJ! Also, Brent went to see my friends apartment that I was thrilled to move into... and hated it. I think it's moreso that he doesn't want to move to Akron. The  area/price/apartment is a dream! Yes, it's a little small, but hey it's 8 months and it's not like where we're living now is larger. So, bummed about that! Also, financially things are rocky. Bills are piling up all at once and I've been working a total of two days a week, roughly 12 hours a week. Not good! I just can't work during the week anymore. I'm losing my mind not having any time with school as it is. I just need loan money to live on! I know I'm going to end up paying double back with interest, but at least later I'll have a real job! So many little things here and there that cost money and it's all too much. It's strange because when it comes to stress I either handle it well or terribly. Right now, I'm just handling it by being really moody. Not nice I know. =/

Onwards. Can I say fall is coming?! Jackets and sweaters all over stores, wool and boots, oh mee oh my! I actually had to put slippers on the other day my toes were freezing! However, the weather here in Ohio is always strange. Today it will be cold and raining, tomorrow it will be hot and dry! Either way, I'm so excited for cozy cuddling in the fall and beautiful changing leaves. It is after all my favorite season and not just because it's during my birthday! I went to the mall today to stack up on hand soap sales at Bath and Body Works! Then I started peeking in other stores adding fall clothes to my wish list! Only clothes I purchased were at Forever 21. Just $40, Go me!  I bought my first tan dress there. I never wanted one before, but realized it was perfect for all my colorful accessories. I also got the top I'm wearing in the photo above. It was the last one in the store and in a size small of course! Luckily because of the style it still fit perfectly!

Sorry this has been such a ramble. I'm off to pick up Brent from work and take him out to dinner! Surprise! He hasn't been too happy with me lately since I've been moody and since I gave him my cold. =X 

Friday, August 13, 2010

UO Interior Wishlist

($348 & $68)
I've been admiring this headboard forever. I could never dish out the price though. I actually thought about making my own. I'd need my dads help to cut out the shape. I'm pretty scary with a saw. Haha. It's just a project a little too big to tackle. I love it because it reminds me of our couch. It has the same pattern and color. The bedspread is really pretty too. It's difficult to find a bedspread that a guy can be okay with too. 

($68 & $38)
Another item I've been loving forever on UO is that gorgeous bathroom curtain! Whenever I finally own a home, I'm renovating and getting an old garden tub. It's been my dream forever! This curtain is the perfect addition. Also, how adorable is the birds cage shelf? It wouldn't hold much, but still too cute! 

Living Room:
($68 & $58$48 & $28)
We're in desperate need of a coat rack. The hooks in the closet aren't doing the job! This fun colored, old designed rack is perfect! I love the bright yellow damask curtains too. The damask pattern is everywhere now, but this soft yellow almost lace appearance is stunning! The lamp shade is better in a kitchen, but I couldn't help but fall for the etched pattern and old charm. Speaking of charm, the flower stand is perfect for dried flowers which are my favorite!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mimi Kirchner

I saw a picture of these precious embroidered teacup houses and had to see what else the creator had to offer! Mimi Kirchner designs dolls mainly, which unfortunately really creep me out! haha but still, I had to share these with you! They're so cute, I want them all! You can view her blog here.

I love embroidery and I love teacups! 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Apartment Shopping

Brent and I have been trying to find a new apartment for a while now and things kept falling apart at the last second. However, an apartment I've loved since I first saw recently became available again! I have high hopes, but things still aren't definite. The landlord is checking references and then comes the face to face meet, which always makes me nervous. The place is in Akron, which I've been anxious to move to! It's perfectly in-between my family and Cleveland. The apartment is a studio, but filled with old charm character because it's the attic of an old house. I know, sounds small, but it's huge! My friend currently lives there, but has to find a new place because she got a puppy! Anyways, out of my excitement I started browsing for new items! 

I first started browsing on etsy for new dishes, glasses and canisters. I've been meaning to get canisters, but I've been waiting to find the right ones. We never purchased any nice dishes because we knew we'd get them for our wedding. So we purchased random ones from thrift stores and were given some from family and none of them match at all! So we decided to not purchase anything expensive, but just get new ones that we'll actually like! So here is some of my ideas!


Of course the top three are all the same style, just different colors. Out of the three I prefer the last two. I never make up my mind! 
($22 & $6)
I like the set of these because they're fun and bright! 
These scream 70's! I love both the green and yellow! The flowers are so cute. 

Well, I will keep posting finds! Canisters today, dishes tomorrow?