Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Four Goals

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I am very late on hopping on the Four Goals bus! When I first read Elsie's post I couldn't think of my four personal goals. After a few days of thinking, of course I knew my goals!

Goal One: Short and Simple. Get blogging! I plan on dedicating more of my time to making this blog mine! I am hoping for a new layout soon as well as re-organizing my tags and topics. I'm also going to stop taking poor quality photos with my phone! Shame on me! I know this blog was created as a device to share my life and my inspirations. When other readers find me I want them to want to keep reading! 

Goal Two: Not short or simple! It's time I stopped being inspired with folders of wedding ideas and started making decisions! I am the most indecisive person in the world. Luckily I've got my bridesmaids picked, family and a fiance to help me clarify and decide. The wedding can't wait any longer. I have to focus on my dream wedding coming to reality! This will relieve a ton of stress and bring a lot of happiness! One decision at a time.

Goal Three: Make healthy choices. Little by little the more healthier choices I make, the more my lifestyle will change for the better. Instead of munching on 100 calorie packs, I'm going to munch on actual veggies! I love fruit, but struggle eating veggies unless they're in a big stir-fry! Haha. Healthy choices aren't just with food, it's with activity. I always opt for stairs instead of elevators, but now I'm going to start taking farther parking spots and longer routes walking. When I'm lounging on the couch watching a TV show, I'm going to work out. I can multi-task!

Goal Four: Sew and create! I've put my etsy shop into my last priority in my life. However, there's nothing more I enjoy than thrifting and seeing a finished handmade product! I had hoped when I opened my shop it'd be a great success, but I've really slacked in keeping it updated and together. I know spending more time creating will help bring in more income and fulfillment!

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  1. I love your goals! but you forgot number 3!!

  2. Oh thanks! Goal three wasn't spaced from two! Opps!

  3. I love all of your goals!
    I'm so incredibly envious of those who can sew! I tried to make a pillow once.. Let's just say things didn't end well. :)

  4. These are great goals! I'm getting into sewing myself. I have a little more work to do on my first piece, a dress!! : )

  5. Amber I was so thrilled to recieve your comment/follow! I just found your blog recently and adore it! You're so talented and beautiful!

    Sewing can be tricky! My mom taught me when I was a little girl and don't worry I'm still no pro! I call her whenever I make a mess of a project! >_<

    xo! Stacey

  6. Those are some really great goals!! It was actually pretty hard for me to narrow mine down to just four, but now I'm fully committed! Good luck with yours^_^

    xo. Melisa

  7. These are great goals :-) Motivating me to work on mine :-)