Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Apartment Shopping

Brent and I have been trying to find a new apartment for a while now and things kept falling apart at the last second. However, an apartment I've loved since I first saw recently became available again! I have high hopes, but things still aren't definite. The landlord is checking references and then comes the face to face meet, which always makes me nervous. The place is in Akron, which I've been anxious to move to! It's perfectly in-between my family and Cleveland. The apartment is a studio, but filled with old charm character because it's the attic of an old house. I know, sounds small, but it's huge! My friend currently lives there, but has to find a new place because she got a puppy! Anyways, out of my excitement I started browsing for new items! 

I first started browsing on etsy for new dishes, glasses and canisters. I've been meaning to get canisters, but I've been waiting to find the right ones. We never purchased any nice dishes because we knew we'd get them for our wedding. So we purchased random ones from thrift stores and were given some from family and none of them match at all! So we decided to not purchase anything expensive, but just get new ones that we'll actually like! So here is some of my ideas!


Of course the top three are all the same style, just different colors. Out of the three I prefer the last two. I never make up my mind! 
($22 & $6)
I like the set of these because they're fun and bright! 
These scream 70's! I love both the green and yellow! The flowers are so cute. 

Well, I will keep posting finds! Canisters today, dishes tomorrow? 

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  1. those are all such cute canisters, i love the vintagey look :)