Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Cameras for my Collection!


I get ridiculously excited about new cameras. I have slowly, but surely become an addict! My love for photography started when I was young. At family gatherings and parties I would steal cameras and run around taking pictures. Today, my family holds me soley responsible for pictures! My love peaked in my high school photography class. I learned there was so much more than an eye behind the viewfinder. All I'll say is that the photo dark room quickly became my safe haven. I struggled the end of high school and would've dropped out if it wasn't for for my old art teachers and my current fiance.

Around that time five years ago I discovered Lomography and quickly became head over heels discovering even more new amazing gadgets! I first started collecting Lomo cameras, then this past year started collecting vintage cameras. They have definitlely been a challenge considering barely any of the cameras in my collection take today's film. I have to find the old film online or re-spool current film, then figure out how the heck to get them develpoed! However, it's been so rewarding and become one of my favorite hobbies!

Onwards! I dropped by the thrift store today since I had some free time. I only managed to find a few things, but 4 of those things were $2 cameras from the 1960's through 1980's. I was shaking with excitement! Two of the Kodak cameras still have film from the previous owners too!

Yes, I was so excited I took photobooth pictures!
[PS: I finally changed my red hair! Hello, blondie!]

I also found an awesome sheet to use as fabric!
The bright colors caught my eye right away.
Now to decide, use it for curtains or aprons? 
Also, this little cute dress for my etsy shop!


  1. I have just started my collection for old cameras, is that a Kodak instamatic you have bought!!! I have just purchased one of those myself! I am finding it very hard to find film for it though!! :( x

  2. $2 vintage cameras? Wow! What a great find!!!