Monday, August 16, 2010



I adore this print. I know when I eventually get my tattoo it will have this quote. Today was spent at the hospital. I rotated through Radiation Therapy. It is one of the paths I can follow after my degree. If you don't know, it's using radiation to treat cancer patients. My rotation so far has been interesting. I realize that it's a really difficult field, but it's also rewarding. I'm just not sure if I could spend a whole entire year again studying physics! Anyways, to get to my point. I realized spending my day with so many patients that were dealing with something so close to death, that I've got it good. I have it really good. I'm so fortunate to be healthy and in the life I have. Sure, things might not seem to be easy right now, but I have a lot more opportunities than I realize. I need to stop comparing myself to others successes. One day, I'll get there. 

I was inspired today to come home and get crafty. I recently skipped out my my good friends birthday. Her name is Alyssa. She's also going to be one of my bridesmaids. I actually just met her this past year, but we've become each-others support in radiography school. We are both artistic outgoing girls that are putting ourselves in square boxes to make a buck to break free. I can count on her for anything. Anyways, I felt terrible missing out on her birthday and she's always teasing me about my crafts and baking. So I made her an apron and matching oven mitt. I know she'll enjoy it. I just hope she uses it! Haha. 

Adorable right? I love the fabric the most! 
I also ran out of lace, so made my own with a ruffle gatthering! 
I'm thinking of replicating these to sell on etsy for about $15?
 This picture is from a while ago.. when we got a hotel and partied 3 days straight with a bunch of friends! It was a blast. Alyssa is in the middle. =] 

Inspiring story about Alyssa since I'm saying how lucky we are to be here. She was actually in a terrible accident a few year ago. She was outside walking with her friends and a drunk driver hit her and drove off. She has rods all throughout her body. (The scar on her arm seen) They were shocked she actually lived. I always think, there's a reason she made it through that day. She's meant to be here for a reason. I think we all are. <3

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