Monday, August 2, 2010

I know, I know

Once again, I've fallen behind on my blogging. Things haven't been busy either, moreso boring! I need to be a bit more productive this week! Brent was on vacation visiting his family, so I tried to spend some time with mine! My mom and I went out to eat and she took me shopping. Which hasn't happened since I was in high school 4 years ago! It sucks buying my own clothes! I felt really bad about it and am returning a majority of the purchases. Including a really cute floral bedspread I got that was originally $140 and I got it for $30! I love it, but don't need it! I should work harder on only buying necessities! 

 I can't put anything on the floor without my cat investigating!

I don't remember much else from this week, so I went through my pictures on my phone to help me recap! I found a new bakery in town called, Caroline's Cupcakes. After watching Ace of Cakes for years and now watching Cupcake Wars and DC Cupcakes I want more and more to own my own bakery. I love to bake, always have since I was a little girl. I just know it'd be a huge leap to not know if your business will succeed or not. Anyways, this bakery only has cupcakes, mind you 40 flavors of them! My friend and I went before they closed and had last picks. I still got chocolate raspberry, peanut butter, white russian and a butter pecan cupcake! I was upset because I brought them to my parents and they were devoured! I only got to try the peanut butter, but it was delicious! 

The only other fun part of this past week was spending the day with my girl! I rarely get time with my friends because if I'm not at work or school, I'm with Brent! Dawn and I went to the annual hot air balloon festival. I get excited for it every year! You don't get to see the sky filled with colorful floating balloons very often. After we decided we were going to finally make green tea cupcakes. We've wanted to for a long time, but couldn't find mancha powder anywhere! They were pretty good, but would've been better with a sweet lemon icing. Next time! 
 Fair food smelled so good! But everything was way too over priced!
 Lemonade shake ups are our favorite! As you can tell by Dawn's face!
Beautiful right? 

That's pretty much the only excitement that's gone on since I last updated! I've been lazy, but it's gotta stop! Class is canceled tomorrow so hopefully I'll be spending the day doing something productive or adventurous!
Webcam shot. 
Sitting on the floor in front of the computer, what's new?
Oh yes, my $4 tank top & $12 cardigan from The Gap. What a deal!

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