Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thrift finds!

I know I've been gone for a while! Things have been so incredibly busy! My 4 year old digital camera just decided to start working again, so I was able to take some pictures of my most recent thrift finds! Mind you this was over a few weeks. If this was one trip it'd surely be the most successful! Look forward to seeing them in my shop soon! <3

First up, this adorable radio! It still works too! 
One of my favorite finds!
 These little salt & pepper shakers my friend actually found for me! 
 This huge owl bank and gorgeous golden frame!
Two pictures. I love the charm of the first one. 
This beaut Brent bought me. I just wish I could find film for it!
Bought these thinking I'd be able to squeeze into them! 
Bought them anyways, to etsy they'll go!
Multiple Mugs. I LOVE the front runner the most!
A pretty peacock, a pretty plate!
A wallet, old buttons, vintage lace, key & broach!
Owl trivets! Actually came in a lot of 6! Wowza!
Three cute tins! Not sure what I'll store in them yet!
A cute little floral dress! 
PS: Say hello to my new dress form! Hooray!
This pretty striped dress! I might keep for myself!

Pleaseeee forgive the poor quaility. My digital is barely working! I'm looking for a new one once school loans come in! =]


  1. i own the same salt and pepper shakers! they're so sweet arent they?!

    i NEED that radio! if you decide to part with it, let a girl know! OH and that camera too! mike would DIE and i'd love to surprise him :D xo

  2. I probably will sell the radio just because I need the money! As far as the camera, it's really hard because I want to use it, but it's impossible without film! It's a movie camera too! Can you imagine how many great things you could do?! Gahhh. <#3 I will let you know!

  3. Wow! I'm definitely jealous of all of your finds! I want them :( If they go missing, don't blame me ;)

  4. Great finds! I looooooooove the boots! And that flowered mug is soo cute. Old keys are just so awesome. Imagine if we still used skeleton keys everywhere?

  5. That'd be crazy if we still used them! Although there'd be a lot more for me to pick from! =] It reminds me of the old glass door knobs too! Anthropologie sells ones that look just like them! Whenever I have a home I'll want them on every door!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that radio!! beautiful!

  7. that clock radio is gorgeous!