Sunday, August 15, 2010


Stop, Collaborate & Listen
(Vanilla Ice! Hah!)
The photo says it all. I want new positive things in my life, but all that's seemed to spring up new hasn't been what I've been hoping for. I've had a cold the past week... yet again. Ick! I need to double up on my OJ! Also, Brent went to see my friends apartment that I was thrilled to move into... and hated it. I think it's moreso that he doesn't want to move to Akron. The  area/price/apartment is a dream! Yes, it's a little small, but hey it's 8 months and it's not like where we're living now is larger. So, bummed about that! Also, financially things are rocky. Bills are piling up all at once and I've been working a total of two days a week, roughly 12 hours a week. Not good! I just can't work during the week anymore. I'm losing my mind not having any time with school as it is. I just need loan money to live on! I know I'm going to end up paying double back with interest, but at least later I'll have a real job! So many little things here and there that cost money and it's all too much. It's strange because when it comes to stress I either handle it well or terribly. Right now, I'm just handling it by being really moody. Not nice I know. =/

Onwards. Can I say fall is coming?! Jackets and sweaters all over stores, wool and boots, oh mee oh my! I actually had to put slippers on the other day my toes were freezing! However, the weather here in Ohio is always strange. Today it will be cold and raining, tomorrow it will be hot and dry! Either way, I'm so excited for cozy cuddling in the fall and beautiful changing leaves. It is after all my favorite season and not just because it's during my birthday! I went to the mall today to stack up on hand soap sales at Bath and Body Works! Then I started peeking in other stores adding fall clothes to my wish list! Only clothes I purchased were at Forever 21. Just $40, Go me!  I bought my first tan dress there. I never wanted one before, but realized it was perfect for all my colorful accessories. I also got the top I'm wearing in the photo above. It was the last one in the store and in a size small of course! Luckily because of the style it still fit perfectly!

Sorry this has been such a ramble. I'm off to pick up Brent from work and take him out to dinner! Surprise! He hasn't been too happy with me lately since I've been moody and since I gave him my cold. =X 

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