Thursday, September 30, 2010

Upcycling with Paint

I decided since there was so much feedback on my last post about modernizing and old dress, I'd venture on to share how you can bring life to old items with paint! Spray paint is one of the greatest inventions. It's so easy to use and makes drastic changes with! Here's some inspiration but remember anything can be painted!





Sunday, September 26, 2010

GIVEAWAY! Lomography Action Sampler Camera

Are you excited? I am!
As promised, when I reached fifty followers I'd post my very first giveaway!
I want to thank y'all for following my blog! 
I've only had it for four months and it's already changed my world. 
I hope in the months to come to bring more great things forward. 
I enjoy each and every one of you!
 Here's a thanks for inspiring me and joining me on my journey! 

Up for grabs:
Lomography Clear Action Sampler Camera

To enter: Follow my blog and comment with a way to contact you.
For a second entry: Tweet or blog about my giveaway and comment separately with a link.

Winner will be announced October 10th! 
You'll have one week to respond or another winner will be announced. 
Good luck!

If you're wondering why I chose this for my first giveaway, here's my answer: I've always loved photography. Lomography opened my eyes and spread my imagination in all the different effects you can achieve outside of a graphic design world. This camera will be a fun starter (or addition to your collection) to experiment with and hopefully spark in you a love for fun with film!

Here's some photos taken with the Action Sampler:

Tips to taking good pictures with multi-lens cameras is to move quick! Other wise you'll have the same image on all four frames. [Unless that's what you like!]

Friday, September 24, 2010

DIY making an old dress updated!

Have you ever gone shopping and stumbled across a piece of clothing that you thought could be cute, but just was a little off the mark? Maybe it's just me, but I find myself saying that all the time! Meet this weeks dress that I decided to make work for myself! The fabric is beautiful and I adore the front buttons, but the length was too long and the sleeves were a little too old fashioned. I'm going to take you through the updating process! It's so simple and does drastic measures to a dress that you might have passed up, but now can love!

Here's the before and after:

Before in detail:

Here's the steps for my re-design simplified!
One: Cut out those shoulder pads! This is the most simple thing to update!
Two: Measure and cut sleeves to desired length, then fold over seam and sew!
Three: I thought the waist would look better if the waist line was less steep. So I seam ripped the front side and cut about two inches from the bottom.
Four: Iron! I've become best friends with my iron. It guarantees helping you sew pretty seams!
Five: Pin the seams of the skirt to the waist and sew!
Six: Measure and cut the skirt to desired length! Then fold over seam and SEW!

Ready for the remodel? =]
I hope you love it because I do!
The little cap sleeves and mini skirt are so cute!
I wish it was still summer or I'd throw it on! 
The center photo shows an added cardigan and belt to further modernize it!

In the end don't fear a dress that isn't quite right! It's so much easier to do a little work to make it work for you! This dress cost me $4 and I bet if it was designed new would be ten times that!

PS: Hello to any and all visitors from Miss Kaelahbee's blog! I'm so excited to be featured in her giveaway! Follow my blog to keep updated BECAUSE I'll be posting an awesome giveaway soon!

Goodbye Sunshine

Lately, all the good's came with the bad. I've been pushing through it, but today wasn't so easy. I found out that my time with my dear Volkswagen was complete. I knew she was going to give up soon so I don't know why I'm so upset. Maybe it's the timing, my own self being unprepared financially or really thinking of replacing her with something else. She's caused a lot of problems, as in putting the same amount she was purchased for into fixing her up. Today hearing almost $2000 in repairs and new parts made me want to throw up. Repairs are usually $200-$300. So do I put $2000 in and still continue to face other repairs or put the money towards a new car...? As if I can even sacrifice the money wherever it may go anyways! 

The stress of so many different things, now with this was a breaking point. Upset, not sure of what to do I called Brent for comfort. He did his best, but instead ended up making me more upset. Yeah...

Here I am in the bathtub. Feeling as though hiding out in here is also hiding from problems. Didn't I say recently I'd face those things? Seems I still don't have the strength. Guess I'm still a child like Brent said. Always will be. That's what you get for being spoiled from your parents all of your life. Not knowing how to stand on your own two feet. Did I mention the high probability they'll still help me out with this too? 

Seriously. Do I sell my plasma? I'm working for free at a hospital forty hours a week and working a part time shitty paying job that doesn't even cover my phone bill. Dear football players that get paid thirteen million or more a year, could ya just share .5 percent?
Woe is me.
Apologies for this post. 
Lately, I've been feeling like an idiot.

Idiot example:
Face Palm.
Today I walked my little butt to the director of the whole departments office and sat down in his chair. My voice was shaking with outrage. I told him that a woman, that was sixty years old in our department, was the hardest worker I'd ever seen in my life. That she was inspiring and was loved by every patient. That she was being put on the back burner and doing every one else's work along with her own. That the people that were taking advantage of her, were ungrateful, lazy and undeserving of the day shift position she deserved. [They're cutting people's shifts to cut costs] Now this amazing woman will be stuck working midnights, never seeing anyone, no one experiencing her skill, which would only bring down the department without her on days. She's what makes the department thrive. 
AND instead of the director understanding that I felt so strongly, I as a STUDENT, went and told him myself, he was confused and said something off the topic I intended. Making me feel like a complete idiot for even speaking. 

There's nothing more I hate, than when people don't understand me or see the truth.

I'm listening to Explosions in the sky, which is what just so happens to make me write about such nonsense deeply and un-amusing to you, I know. Their songs have no lyrics, but their instruments speak through me and I pour words out like rushing water. Now, I'm feeling better, I'll get myself out of this tub. Figure out some car alternatives and get over today and ready for tomorrow.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New dresses added!

one: $25 :: two: $25 :: three: $30
four: $25 :: five: $45 :: six: $25

15% off everything in my shop for followers! ♥
Enter blogger15 at checkout and refund will be sent via paypal!

Happy I found my camera! 
I'll be posting a tutorial on upcycling vintage dresses tomorrow hopefully!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday

I thought "Thrifty Tuesdays" would be a great new weekly post since I thrift every Tuesday! Yet, my plans were at a stand still when once again, I lost my digital camera! I know, tisk tisk! I take it every where I go, then take it out of my purse in random places and forget! Not that my digital camera is working the greatest anyways. It's just, what's a girl to do when she needs instant gratification and has no patience? I'm on a schedule! I love film cameras but I try to savor film too often, leading me to develop film only once a month. So I've gotta find my digi soon!
These photos are old and taken at one of my very favorite shops in Akron!

My impatience has taken over. Impatience to take care of things. Talk about things. Search for things. Do work for things. I mean hello, I'm at the thrift store browsing like a kid in a candy store and I noticed myself staring down an aisle saying "Nah." That's NOT what good thrifters do! I literally now run in, browse housewares and dresses then leave. I suppose it's due to the fact I don't want to be there digging all day. By the way, am I the only one that feels ridiculously dirty after thrifting? I swear the second I'm in the car I'm breaking out my hand sanitizer. Then when I get home I immediately throw the clothes in the washer! Haha. But I mean seriously, isn't it odd that thrift stores sell underwear? Not to mention, I went to a Habitat for Humanity today and actually saw toilets, that were still dirty! Dirty as in, you-know-what was in them! Ew! Not trying to diss these places, I just personally feel weird after leaving. My most favorite things I own were thrifted!
 I found TWO of these pretty clocks. Kept one, sold one. It's my favorite!
One of my most recent favorites! 
Thanks Kaelah for urging me to get it! 
This number was $10 and asking to be up-cycled!
The curved tufted couch behind me. 
[one of the only -poor quality- pictures I have of it!]
It's absolutely stunning and will stay in my life forever!

Since I'm moving out in t-minus THREE weeks! I've got a lot of packing to do along with shopping! Since Brent and I are going to live separately I've gotta pick what to leave at his apartment and what to take to mine. It's been really difficult because as much stuff we have at Brent's, I've still got a massive list of things to purchase still! Like hello, a trash can? Yep, might need that! I've got a chair, our kitchen table, bed and dresser. The big things I need still are a sofa, area rug and storage! My friend forewarned me that huge sofas will not make it up to the new place! So I'm off to find a new one, my previous baby will have to stay at Brent's!

Saw this little one today and fell in love. Then, after contemplating for 30 minutes I fell out of love. I decided to walk away from this $10 charmer. It was plush, but full of stains and a little low for comfort. I've always had a lot of luck finding great furniture though so I know the right one will come to me eventually!
I also found these fun, sunny plates in a set of 8 for $4! Remember my crazy dinnerware ideas? They were cute, but I knew I could do better price wise on my own!  These will be a great start. When I showed my mom she said they "looked so me." Haha. I love when people look at something and know I'd like it. 

I got a bunch of new dresses to add to the shop too! I will add them when I find my camera!

On a side note: My little blog is starting to come together after only a few months! I'm so happy about all the amazing blogs I've found out there to inspire me and those of you that follow me to keep me going! I just purchased an AWESOME item for a giveaway that I'll be posting after another ten followers! I know that the blog is still really random and unorganized, but I promise in these next few busy months I'm going to try to bring it all together. 

etsy shop sales!

I was so happy to discover great sales from a few sellers! Thanks bloggers for linking me! I've been forced to wise up with my cash flow and start shopping SMART! Here to share, catch these sales while they last!

 Purchased this $50 hair accessory for $9.99!
Isn't it stunning? More like she is!
Everything in Jenny's store is now $9.99

Purchased this piece of lovely for $10 after blog friend discount!
I love this girl cause she's so sweet and is from Ohio!<3
Follow her blog and get a 10% discount in her shop!

No longer on etsy, but another Ohioan I love! 
I can't decide which wristlet or pouch I want from miss Dainty Squid's shop!
If you follow her blog, you get a 10% discount entering "blog" at checkout!
(Of if you are on her mailing list got a 25% off code!)

What other etsy shops are having sales? ♥ 
[Is yours? I'll add it!]

I'll be adding a discount for y'all once I add more to my shop!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flight home, feeling family.

I know it's been a few days since I updated! My brother flew home from LA for a friends wedding and we've been trying to spend as much free time together as possible. He is two years older than me and moved to Columbus when he graduated. After graduating from Ohio State he moved to California. I'm so proud of him and his accomplishments. He's wrote a book, wrote for People Magazine, now works for Paramount Pictures and writes from Buzzine Magazine! I made dinner for the whole family the night he came home and my sweet hubbins bought a huge ice cream cake for Josh! [Yes, my brother is 24 and loves Spongebob] 
 Here's a photo of him from an interview with guys from LOST.
My mom and dad get so excited whenever he calls home or visits, then get so upset when he leaves. They're already counting down the days til he comes back at Christmas. He and I were really close when we were younger then grew apart with our differences. It was only after high school we got close again. He's definitely a young guy I look up to! My family is planning on taking a trip out to California within the next year to see his place. I can't wait. Can you believe I've never been there?
Here's a few more pictures of us when we were younger:
I look like a little boy haha.
We were super cool obviously.

It was really nice to relax this weekend and take a break from things. I'll get back in gear this week! PS: I never posted pictures of the time consuming fall festive cookies! Haha. They were a hit at the hospital and gone before lunch! 
 There were ghosts, bats, pumpkins, cats and leaves!