Friday, September 24, 2010

DIY making an old dress updated!

Have you ever gone shopping and stumbled across a piece of clothing that you thought could be cute, but just was a little off the mark? Maybe it's just me, but I find myself saying that all the time! Meet this weeks dress that I decided to make work for myself! The fabric is beautiful and I adore the front buttons, but the length was too long and the sleeves were a little too old fashioned. I'm going to take you through the updating process! It's so simple and does drastic measures to a dress that you might have passed up, but now can love!

Here's the before and after:

Before in detail:

Here's the steps for my re-design simplified!
One: Cut out those shoulder pads! This is the most simple thing to update!
Two: Measure and cut sleeves to desired length, then fold over seam and sew!
Three: I thought the waist would look better if the waist line was less steep. So I seam ripped the front side and cut about two inches from the bottom.
Four: Iron! I've become best friends with my iron. It guarantees helping you sew pretty seams!
Five: Pin the seams of the skirt to the waist and sew!
Six: Measure and cut the skirt to desired length! Then fold over seam and SEW!

Ready for the remodel? =]
I hope you love it because I do!
The little cap sleeves and mini skirt are so cute!
I wish it was still summer or I'd throw it on! 
The center photo shows an added cardigan and belt to further modernize it!

In the end don't fear a dress that isn't quite right! It's so much easier to do a little work to make it work for you! This dress cost me $4 and I bet if it was designed new would be ten times that!

PS: Hello to any and all visitors from Miss Kaelahbee's blog! I'm so excited to be featured in her giveaway! Follow my blog to keep updated BECAUSE I'll be posting an awesome giveaway soon!


  1. Amazing! You're really talented, I arrived here from little chief honeybee and I'm really glad I did. I wish I could sew like you...

  2. This is brilliant! I bought a sewing machine a couple of months ago and am still learning the basics but I can't wait until I can reconstruct and remake things - how talented you are!


    I'm going to attempt chopping up one of my dresses now and sewing it. I've been hunting how to do it like this for SO long but everyone makes it so crazy hard. so thank you again!


  4. Flora thanks so much for visiting my blog! Sewing is tricky at first but easy to pick up on! <3 I'm happy I found your blog now too!

  5. Thanks so much Rosie, Kaelah and Lyndsey! Sewing should be simple!

  6. Oh my goodness. I am in love with that dress?
    Do you reconstruct dresses and sell them? If so... ;)

  7. Another comment!
    I found the dress on your etsy and was hoping you could reserve it for me? I've only got $25 on my debit card (so I'll have to wait til I can scrounge up more money so I can cover all the costs!) and I'd love to buy the dress from you. I swear-- this must've been what Juliet felt like when she met Romeo.

    Anyhow, if you can't, I completely understand!

    ~Love Always,
    Amber Rose

  8. AMBER! I will of course reserve it for you! don't forget you get 15% off for being a follower! Which dress is it? =]

    <33 Stacey

  9. I really like it! I'm now following you, your blog is really cute!

  10. Adorable!! It reminds me that I have a couple of dresses I need to work on modernizing. Great job and great find!!