Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm in the mood for...

I'm in the mood for blue? I was doing some Modcloth browsing and I realized all the dresses my eyes were drawn to were blue! I'm surprised because I'm so in love with fall and warm cozy colors!

Selections show different styles tastes.
From bohemian to nautical and retro. 
I love them all!
1: Hellenic Festival Dress $53
2: Dress of the Navigator $55
3: Afternoon Company Dress $53
4: Cross Country Drive Dress $55
5: Navy, Navy Not Dress $58
6: Jackson Purchase Dress $52

Don't think I wouldn't throw together a fall outfit! <3
Of course featuring my most favorite, mustard yellow. 
Boots and a scarf are also a must have! 
1: Style Upon Avon Dress $73
2: Marigold Marvel Bag $28
3: Long Dusty Trail Boot $60
4: Knit Picky Scarf $48

What's your favorite things about fall?
Mine is first, the changing color of leaves.
Second, cozy clothes and snuggling in them!
Third, the autumn scents, harvest and pumpkin spice. 
You know, the latte of course. =]
Every year it goes:
Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday, then Christmas!


  1. How lovely of you to include links!
    I love that scarf but, wow... $48 for a scarf!? yikes.

    And when is your birthday?? :)

  2. That third dress is so pretty, love how the skirt flares out!

  3. =] I know how frustrating it is to try to find things! The scarf price is ridiculous I know! I could thrift the same one for 1/8th the price!

  4. I loooove all of these! So pretty. Love the scarves and boots, and dresses are my favourite!

    When is your birthday? Mine is 12/12. :)