Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kitchen Housewares

I never posted my decision to move into my friends old apartment alone, but I did! It's such a drastic difference I've felt very excited as well as nauseous about it. I'm trying to keep my head up though and look at is as a new start. Since Brent and I won't live together I've got to shop for all new furniture and dishes. Wowee! So I started throwing together some items I found online. Now it's debating which scheme I want to go with. What do you think?
This pastel floral scheme is so pretty. 
It is also the most costly of $130 due to shipping.
This set has more of a vintage feel with warm colors. 
The total for this set is $90 including shipping.
This set is the most plain, but also simple which can be a good thing! 
Of course it's the most costly, at $60 including shipping.

[All items are via ebay and etsy]

There is nothing more I love than searching for items and putting items together. That's why I am so excited about starting in a new place. I just really need to be budget friendly since I'm going to be paying for rent all by myself! =X Sorry still no personal post, I've got a huge exam tomorrow to study for!


  1. moving into your own place can be so scary but so exhilarating! you're going to have so much fun making everything your own! i know exactly what you mean with the post a few days ago... losing out on friendships and such. i'm so picky with who i hang out with too and i'm so so so shy. i feel like its so hard to make new friends! i admire you for that!


  2. Awe thanks so much! I assumed no one read that post because it was so long and rambled. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with the friend situation! I really hope this is the right choice! If it's not it will at least be a learning experience! But yes, so excited to personalize! =D

  3. Ah! I couldn't even being to decide. All of them are just the cutest. I would even fail at trying the process of elimination. haha good luck!

  4. Yep! They're just ideas. The price is a little expensive from shipping. I think I'm going to go thrifting first! I just need to stick to a color scheme or I'll have a huge mish mash of items!

  5. i like the third one the best! very cute!
    good luck on your exam!!
    have a great thursday. :)

  6. Wow, I love the floral print!