Friday, September 10, 2010

Learning to sew with vinyl

Here's the two new vinyl projects I'm working on. All I'll say is it's not as easy as I thought! These two first projects won't be the prettiest, but have taught me a lot! I'll be excited once I finish. It's certainly been time consuming!

This is going to be a round pillow with white piping. 
Realized I can't make own piping! I have to purchase some welt cord piping

This is going to be a piano key pouch, but is missing the zipper.
I loathe zippers and always seem to sew them wrong!

So here's the tricks I've learned: 
1. Use a teflon presser foot or interfacing to prevent slipping and puckering. 
2. Use a bigger needle and thicker thread. The vinyl is too heavy to hold anything else!
3. SEW SLOW. One mistake leads to permanent needle holes! 
4. Pin holes will show! Use fabric glue to hold pieces in place!
5. Vinyl works better warm! A tip I never knew! When cold, the vinyl stiffens up, causing you more work!


  1. Can't wait to see more of your fun with vinyl! Those already look great!