Tuesday, September 21, 2010

etsy shop sales!

I was so happy to discover great sales from a few sellers! Thanks bloggers for linking me! I've been forced to wise up with my cash flow and start shopping SMART! Here to share, catch these sales while they last!

 Purchased this $50 hair accessory for $9.99!
Isn't it stunning? More like she is!
Everything in Jenny's store is now $9.99

Purchased this piece of lovely for $10 after blog friend discount!
I love this girl cause she's so sweet and is from Ohio!<3
Follow her blog and get a 10% discount in her shop!

No longer on etsy, but another Ohioan I love! 
I can't decide which wristlet or pouch I want from miss Dainty Squid's shop!
If you follow her blog, you get a 10% discount entering "blog" at checkout!
(Of if you are on her mailing list got a 25% off code!)

What other etsy shops are having sales? ♥ 
[Is yours? I'll add it!]

I'll be adding a discount for y'all once I add more to my shop!

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