Monday, September 6, 2010

Tiny update

Sorry I haven't had any good updates lately. Truth is nothing new has been going on and I've felt in a bit of slump with some things going on in my personal life. Most exciting thing today was some surprising great deals on Modcloth! I got an e-mail on my phone about a 70% off sale and immediately started shoppping. Items I wanted were going out of stock left and right! Luckily I still managed to get 5 beautiful dresses for a steal! I love Modcloth, but they're far too overpriced. I shopped on their site when they first started and got a necklace for $8 and a wallet for $15. I don't think because you gain popularity you should hike up your prices! Plus, my big fear with these dresses is the fact they're non-returnable and with my chest size who knows how stuff fits!
Here's my five purchases!
Yes, that's $106 vs $360!
The first one I'm most worried about the fit, but the back is stunning! 
The second you saw in my post two days ago! Wowee!
The third I've had my eyes on for months!! It's so pretty!
The fourth screams Stacey. Haha. 
The fifth is another fear of fit, but way too cute to pass up. 

I promise I'll get back to updating real posts. =] I've been sewing this week a bunch and I switched today to vinyl. It's such a fun textile! It's so easy to cut and create with! I'll be posting pictures hopefully later this week! Don't forget to check out new items in my shop

Including this amazing dress!
I fell in love with it at first sight. 
You can guess the price reflects my hardship of parting with it. =/


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  2. thats amazing- maaan is this sale over? i am loving the last one w/ the yellow.

  3. The sale is over. A lot of the items sold out. They always have a sale section though with pretty good deals!

    I think the yellow dress is cute too. It's my favorite color! I have no clue how it will fit though! If it doesn't, I'll most likely sell it on here so check back! =]