Thursday, September 30, 2010

Upcycling with Paint

I decided since there was so much feedback on my last post about modernizing and old dress, I'd venture on to share how you can bring life to old items with paint! Spray paint is one of the greatest inventions. It's so easy to use and makes drastic changes with! Here's some inspiration but remember anything can be painted!






  1. Ah. I've GOT to try this. I love the frames you've done. I LOVE frames.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Oh golly I'd love to be the one who painted them or let alone OWN those beauties, but they're from the etsy seller listed below the photos. =]

  3. Nice color scheme! I'm quite fond of the frames as well!

  4. How cute! I have been wanting to spray pain some photo frames but.. that owl is SUPER CUTE! <3

  5. Oh wow, I love everything! I wish I was better at spray painting.

  6. Oh my bad, I didn't even notice the credits :)
    P.S. I won your beautiful whale pillow from Little Chief Honeybee and the email address she supplied me with isn't working for some reason!

    My email is

  7. This is awesome, especially the owl in the first picture. I should really keep my eyes open more for figures that seem ugly at first but might have some potential...
    I am spray painting a night stand soon though;)

  8. this is such an easy but good idea, i always see kitsch things like this in boutiques but they're so overpriced! x

  9. I love this! All of the colours are just so great.