Thursday, October 28, 2010

The first after the move update!

Hey y'all! I feel like I'm so behind on blogging! [Including reading yours!] I snuck back home to my parents today to get some things I forgot and catch up on painting. The move went really well, although my couch didn't fit! I was really upset, but I'm always willing to hunt for new furniture!

This is the couch I found today at our local Restore.
It's a little stained, but that's a quick fix! 
I think it's lovely and reminds me of the couch that wouldn't fit!
[You can see that couch in this post.]

When we got all the boxes and furniture in the apartment, I seriously thought I didn't have enough room. Then, once I got everything unpacked and put away, I realized I need more furniture! The living room is pretty much finished, the bedroom and kitchen still need a bit of work! I'll just post pictures here and there as I finish up!

So here's the only two corners of the apartment I feel are complete! =] I really love decorating and I have such an eclectic style of modern, seventies and fifties pieces. I hope it all goes together in the end!

Sorry I haven't talked to any of you, I am going to get the internet connected hopefully on Monday! I'm sad that I've been so busy getting things together for the apartment I completely have missed out on enjoying this beautiful fall season! =[ I can't believe this weekend is Halloween already! I don't have time to get an outfit so I'm probably going to be something simple like an indian, cat or Minnie Mouse. =] What are you guys being?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

You know it's a productive day when you're covered in paint!

Today has been yet another day of getting down to business, more painting, more sewing, more packing, and on, and on, and on! I really didn't think I'd have so much to do, but I do! I woke up at five am this morning to go to work, came home took a nap then was up and at em! My parents have been such a huge help with my many projects! 

Today my mom and I were both in the garage painting. I was finishing the details on my dresser and she was spray painting lamps and tables. All I'll say is there was lots of fumes in there! I got a headache pretty quick! While we let paint dry we came in and finished sewing the curtains! Wahoo! You'll get to see them later when they're hung. =] 

Before I got to sit down and relax Brent asked me to hang out when he got off work. We decided to go out to eat since that boy never eats before work! All in all, my Saturday was far from lazy!

Here's a gif of the cotton candy dresser:
You'll have to click it to see it, it's cute I promise. =]
Here's the beforeeeee in case you haven't seen it!
Here's two snaps my little photographer took at Denny's with the Hipstamatic.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blank Canvas. Apartment before the move.

I've been talking a lot about moving lately, but haven't shown you a thing about the apartment yet! Today my mom and I dropped off the first of many items! I am so excited to make it feel like home! The apartment is in a beeeaaauuuttiful area near Akron, Ohio. Cuyahoga Falls is a charming historic area filled with my favorite antique shops, a gorgeous park, tons of free events like concerts and movie showings and just a few minutes drive to the city! 
My favorite antique shop in walking distance!
The Gorge is not your average park at all!
Rockin on the River, right down the street!

Okay, I guess you're ready to actually seeeeeeeeeee the apartment.
I didn't actually get a picture and the streets covered with trees, which isn't a bad thing of course! But it's over there, in the corner!

Here's the mini tour indoors, after climbing three flights of stairs!
You enter into the kitchen with the bathroom on the right.
The kitchen is what was a bit of an issue for me. I love cooking and it offers no room! I posted all the room I have. Half a counter and one big cupboard. Thankfully I bought an island cart for the area on the left of the entrance.The other issue is a gas oven, which my dad is convinced I will set the place on fire with. =/ There's also a kitchen nook with a window for the table where I'm standing. =]
 This is the bathroom on the right of the entrance. 
Again, really tiny but I can work with it.
The bathtub was love at first sight! Although I'll probably miss standing in the shower real quick! Ignore my layered hoodies, it was freezing out today!
 The kitchen leads into the living area which is so bright and roomy!
There's a ton of light in the apartment. Almost every wall has a window!
 This is a view of the living room looking back into the kitchen.
Another part of the place I fell in love with was the built in storage.
The bedroom is at the far end of the apartment and is huge! 
The hard part will be adjusting furniture with the angled ceilings.
There are two walk in closets which I hope will hold everything. 
It seems like there's never enough storage!

So that's my place! It's really hard to show the whole place off without taking pictures from 14 angles. I'll show a lot more after it's all filled in! 
Also sorry for no other posts, I've been so busy! 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One week til the big move!

I officially will be moved into my new apartment in one week! I've been spending a lot of time shopping for new items to fill the place, painting furniture and sewing curtains. The apartment has tons of windows! I love the amount of light they give the apartment, but it gives me a lot more work to do! Seems like I've been working hard on everything except... packing?! Haha. I haven't even started! I'm avoiding sorting through my closet and drawers! I dread choosing and sorting. I guess that just goes to show I have too many clothes.

Sneak peek at the new curtains I'm sewing for the living room.
They're made out of a sheet I found at the thrift store for 50 cents!

I started gathering items from Brent's apartment to take to mine. It was pretty difficult to do. After packing things I just looked around and wanted to cry. It looked so empty and I felt as though I was removing myself from there. I guess in a way I am. =/ It's been especially difficult lately because Brent and I have been trying to spend time apart, but keep crawling back to each other. Don't take it wrong, it makes me happy of course! I love him so much and being away from him only makes me miss him more. I want nothing more than to be with him right now, but we both know this break is be for the best. 

I'm so fortunate to even be going through this with him. He understands me more than anyone, feels the same, has been so kind and patient. He hasn't treated me any differently and loves me all the same. I'm really nervous but excited for this journey.

Today has been all about business! I went to the dentist first, which I loveee going to! They always make my teeth feel all clean and pretty! Afterwards, I went to Brent's to clean and pack up more things. We decided that we're going to attempt to squeeze in my favorite sofa into the new apartment. I'm praying it works! It's moreso the actual ability of getting the sofa up the winding three flights of stairs than fitting in the apartment. The sofa is so old, heavy and bulky! Brent and my dad alone had a difficult time getting it out of Brent's apartment to my dad's truck! 

I know I'm so silly to take pictures.
Brent always impresses me though. 
Watching him man-handle this couch was oh so sexy.
I tried to carry down just a chair and he wouldn't let me! 
Haha. He said I was too clumsy.
 All in the truck! The crazy neighbor came out to offer help after of course! 
The guy is so creepy! He always tells me how pretty my hair is. 
It's funny but makes me feel so awkward!

PS: Does it bother any other bloggers when parents are nosy? My mom is starting to really piss me off. Staying at home has been a complete loss of privacy! I don't feel everything in my life concerns her. So mom, if you're reading this, I'd appreciate it if you stopped to respect my privacy. It's rude to snoop. If I want to share, I will. I'm not twelve posting nudes!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Jayme McGowan

Jayme McGowan of Roadside Projects is an incredibly talented paper artist. You can find her collages and illustrations over the internet, books, stores and homes. Her work has always been inspirational and oh so pretty to admire. If you're interested in adding her art to your collection, you can buy pieces her etsy shop!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Are you normal? Check the facts!

Since I've been spending a lot more time at home with my parents since Brent and I decided to take a break, I've been sharing a lot more things with my parents including the television! I've never really watched Oprah, but was quite amused on her recent episode called, "Are You Normal?" It was filled with a bunch of quirks that aren't actually too quirky and uncommon. I was especially enjoying how funny some real people were that admitted to things that they thought weren't normal. For instance a woman lied to her daughter and said if she didn't sit up straight her boobs wouldn't grow! haha. I decided to share some of the facts on the show so you could see what is and isn't normal for yourself! However if you could watch the episode online you definitely should! It was a good one!

- 94 percent of people talk to their pets like humans! [I do!]
- 68 percent of women lie about their weight on their driver's license
51 percent of women have vacuumed and even cooked naked
90 percent of people sing while driving. 
- The most googled word is "love." [not sex!] 
- 5 percent of couples have sex every day
- 70 percent of women have faked an orgasm
- 46 percent of 20-year-old men find the face the most attractive part of a woman
- 61 percent of people have searched for an ex online
- The average person picks or plays with her nose five times per hour
- 43 percent of women don't brush their teeth before bed
-  37 percent of women never wash new underwear before wearing them 
[which have been tested positive for yeast, blood and fecal matter! ew!]
-By the time a man is 60 years old, he's told more than 100,000 lies. When a woman turns 60, she's told 50,000.

Here's the a funny lie I wrote when I was 8, at the bottom. 
I don't know if I changed the number of friends I had from 16 or 160, either way! zomg.

Then Dr. Phil came on the show and stated the five most common lies for men & women, which cracked me up! 

Womens top 4 Lies:
1. I'm fine, there's nothing wrong
2. Oh, this isn't new, I've had this forever
3. This was cheap I got in on sale
4. I've got a headache

Mens top 4 Lies:
1. I'm fine, there's nothing is wrong
2. This is my last drink
3. No that doesn't make you look fat
4. I'm on the way [when they're not even almost on the way]
I don't know about you, but the women's lies rang true for me!
Also, HELLO yes all the way to Brent and #4! 
He always says he's on the way, when I can tell he's not even in the car yet!

Hope you enjoyed! 

All facts were provided on this episode.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Craving Mac & Cheese!

Don't laugh! There's nothing I love more than Panera Bread's soups and latte's in the fall season, but all I've been craving lately is their white cheddar macaroni and cheese! I decided to hunt for the recipe, instead of spending the same amount of money on ingredients for a family, versus the serving for one! This gentleman created a recipe that comes quite close to Panera's deliciousness! If you enjoy cooking up simple, yummy, quick dishes this is meant for you!  
 (source: flickr)


 -12 oz pasta shells
- 5 tablespoons butter
- 4 tablespoons flour
- 1 cup of milk
- 1 cup of heavy cream
- 4 oz Vermont Sharp Cheddar
- 4 oz White American Cheese
- Salt & Pepper to taste
  1. Boil pasta until tender then drain.
  2. Create roux by microwaving on high 5 tablespoons of butter with 4 tablespoons of flour for 2 minutes, stopping after each minute to whisk.
  3. Mix 1 cup milk and 1 cup heavy cream together. Pour mixture into the roux very slowly, whisking entire the time.
  4. Microwave mixture 1 minute at a time, stirring between minutes until the sauce becomes thick and creamy. (should take between 4 and 6 minutes)
  5. While sauce is hot, add grated cheddar and American cheese in small handfuls while stirring. You can further melt cheese in the microwave if need to.
  6. The sauce should creamy. Add milk if mixture is too thick, or flour if mixture is too thin. Reheat and stir.
  7. Season with salt and pepper. 
  8. Mix pasta shells and sauce together in serving dish.

Silly post, I know! I've been so busy packing and getting things together for the move! I've got lots of painting and sewing to do still! I feel like my list never ends! I will be sharing some of the move and projects for the apartment soon. =]

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Giveaway Winner Announced!

Congrats Susannahbean!
I am was counting to see who the winner was & was shocked but so happy to see your name! 
You've not only been an awesome follower on blogger but also on twitter!
I'll send you a message to get your address!

[Don't worry followers, there will be more great giveaways in the future!]

Friday, October 8, 2010

Why I'd like a Landline!

Not many people have land lines telephones anymore. Our cell phones are attached to us everywhere we go! I don't see a reason either to pay for two phone services, when one of the phones are attached to a wall! BUT after googling over some pretty vintage phones, I found a reason to put that line in the wall back to use! These phones are each filled with tons of fun character. Definitely inspiring me to get a land line at home!

(Ericofon $89)

Oh and just for fun:
(Plush Phone $50)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

I decided to change Thrifty Tuesday to Thrifty Thursday, not only because it sounds better, but because it gives me some more time to gather my finds! This week I found a few good things! Housewares, house decor and lots of dresses which you'll have to wait to see! 

 Yes I realize all three of these shoes are for old ladies, but I still love them! 

 A beautiful frame and two wall mounted owls that I can't wait to paint!

 Three pretty printed drinking glasses and an old tin recipe box!

 The first is a beautiful floral sheet I plan on making curtains with!
The second is a huge plush quilt patterned comforter! 

 I also found this cute picture of a raccoon family
andddd saved my favorite for last...
A beautiful yellow and green floral chair and ottoman!
It will look darling in the new apartment! I was so excited! 

PS: Hey y'all! Remember my sad post about losing my much loved car? Well after a little over a week of searching endlessly on Craigslist, Autotrader, newspapers and car lots, I found a car! It was difficult since we could only sell my old car for $300 [which I paid $8,000 for] because the head gasket blew, so we didn't have as much to buy a new one. Looking for nice cars in my price range was hard. They either had tons of miles, were 20 years old or were wrecked! haha. Luckily since I've got such a wise father that knows everything about automobiles and isn't afraid to stand up to dealers, I found a pretty blue Ford Focus! It even has under 100K miles and a clean carfax! I think an old guy owned it because it was so well taken care of. I feel so blessed! Now the next hurdle is the apartment move, then hopefully I'll be settled! =]
[beep, beep!]