Friday, October 15, 2010

Are you normal? Check the facts!

Since I've been spending a lot more time at home with my parents since Brent and I decided to take a break, I've been sharing a lot more things with my parents including the television! I've never really watched Oprah, but was quite amused on her recent episode called, "Are You Normal?" It was filled with a bunch of quirks that aren't actually too quirky and uncommon. I was especially enjoying how funny some real people were that admitted to things that they thought weren't normal. For instance a woman lied to her daughter and said if she didn't sit up straight her boobs wouldn't grow! haha. I decided to share some of the facts on the show so you could see what is and isn't normal for yourself! However if you could watch the episode online you definitely should! It was a good one!

- 94 percent of people talk to their pets like humans! [I do!]
- 68 percent of women lie about their weight on their driver's license
51 percent of women have vacuumed and even cooked naked
90 percent of people sing while driving. 
- The most googled word is "love." [not sex!] 
- 5 percent of couples have sex every day
- 70 percent of women have faked an orgasm
- 46 percent of 20-year-old men find the face the most attractive part of a woman
- 61 percent of people have searched for an ex online
- The average person picks or plays with her nose five times per hour
- 43 percent of women don't brush their teeth before bed
-  37 percent of women never wash new underwear before wearing them 
[which have been tested positive for yeast, blood and fecal matter! ew!]
-By the time a man is 60 years old, he's told more than 100,000 lies. When a woman turns 60, she's told 50,000.

Here's the a funny lie I wrote when I was 8, at the bottom. 
I don't know if I changed the number of friends I had from 16 or 160, either way! zomg.

Then Dr. Phil came on the show and stated the five most common lies for men & women, which cracked me up! 

Womens top 4 Lies:
1. I'm fine, there's nothing wrong
2. Oh, this isn't new, I've had this forever
3. This was cheap I got in on sale
4. I've got a headache

Mens top 4 Lies:
1. I'm fine, there's nothing is wrong
2. This is my last drink
3. No that doesn't make you look fat
4. I'm on the way [when they're not even almost on the way]
I don't know about you, but the women's lies rang true for me!
Also, HELLO yes all the way to Brent and #4! 
He always says he's on the way, when I can tell he's not even in the car yet!

Hope you enjoyed! 

All facts were provided on this episode.


  1. Cool! I talk to my cats like they're human for sure! They're like little people sometimes...crazy cat lady in training!

  2. I am one of those people prone to headaches, migraine and colds. Usually, my first recourse is White Flower Embrocation (, also called White Flower Oil.

  3. Womens top 4 lies are definately true for me too :)

  4. Haha so true. But the underwear one is yucky. I definitely do all the womens top 4 lies :)

  5. Haha. Yeah, I'm always like, "Oh no, I didnt just buy these shoes, I totally already had them"

    or tell my bf that they were cheaper than the actual price. :/