Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blank Canvas. Apartment before the move.

I've been talking a lot about moving lately, but haven't shown you a thing about the apartment yet! Today my mom and I dropped off the first of many items! I am so excited to make it feel like home! The apartment is in a beeeaaauuuttiful area near Akron, Ohio. Cuyahoga Falls is a charming historic area filled with my favorite antique shops, a gorgeous park, tons of free events like concerts and movie showings and just a few minutes drive to the city! 
My favorite antique shop in walking distance!
The Gorge is not your average park at all!
Rockin on the River, right down the street!

Okay, I guess you're ready to actually seeeeeeeeeee the apartment.
I didn't actually get a picture and the streets covered with trees, which isn't a bad thing of course! But it's over there, in the corner!

Here's the mini tour indoors, after climbing three flights of stairs!
You enter into the kitchen with the bathroom on the right.
The kitchen is what was a bit of an issue for me. I love cooking and it offers no room! I posted all the room I have. Half a counter and one big cupboard. Thankfully I bought an island cart for the area on the left of the entrance.The other issue is a gas oven, which my dad is convinced I will set the place on fire with. =/ There's also a kitchen nook with a window for the table where I'm standing. =]
 This is the bathroom on the right of the entrance. 
Again, really tiny but I can work with it.
The bathtub was love at first sight! Although I'll probably miss standing in the shower real quick! Ignore my layered hoodies, it was freezing out today!
 The kitchen leads into the living area which is so bright and roomy!
There's a ton of light in the apartment. Almost every wall has a window!
 This is a view of the living room looking back into the kitchen.
Another part of the place I fell in love with was the built in storage.
The bedroom is at the far end of the apartment and is huge! 
The hard part will be adjusting furniture with the angled ceilings.
There are two walk in closets which I hope will hold everything. 
It seems like there's never enough storage!

So that's my place! It's really hard to show the whole place off without taking pictures from 14 angles. I'll show a lot more after it's all filled in! 
Also sorry for no other posts, I've been so busy! 


  1. wow i'm in love with your apartment! the kitchen and bathroom may be small but it looks cute/cosy small not pokey and cramped and the living area and bedroom are gorgeous!
    Even the outside looks amazing! (sorry if i sound overly eager and crazy i'm really excited for you for some reason :P) x

  2. Thanks so much! I'm glad you're excited because I'm excited too! Also you're so right! The place is small, but cozy! I can't wait to make it feel like home! =]

  3. that is a super cute place! i love love love older apts. they have so much character.