Thursday, October 14, 2010

Craving Mac & Cheese!

Don't laugh! There's nothing I love more than Panera Bread's soups and latte's in the fall season, but all I've been craving lately is their white cheddar macaroni and cheese! I decided to hunt for the recipe, instead of spending the same amount of money on ingredients for a family, versus the serving for one! This gentleman created a recipe that comes quite close to Panera's deliciousness! If you enjoy cooking up simple, yummy, quick dishes this is meant for you!  
 (source: flickr)


 -12 oz pasta shells
- 5 tablespoons butter
- 4 tablespoons flour
- 1 cup of milk
- 1 cup of heavy cream
- 4 oz Vermont Sharp Cheddar
- 4 oz White American Cheese
- Salt & Pepper to taste
  1. Boil pasta until tender then drain.
  2. Create roux by microwaving on high 5 tablespoons of butter with 4 tablespoons of flour for 2 minutes, stopping after each minute to whisk.
  3. Mix 1 cup milk and 1 cup heavy cream together. Pour mixture into the roux very slowly, whisking entire the time.
  4. Microwave mixture 1 minute at a time, stirring between minutes until the sauce becomes thick and creamy. (should take between 4 and 6 minutes)
  5. While sauce is hot, add grated cheddar and American cheese in small handfuls while stirring. You can further melt cheese in the microwave if need to.
  6. The sauce should creamy. Add milk if mixture is too thick, or flour if mixture is too thin. Reheat and stir.
  7. Season with salt and pepper. 
  8. Mix pasta shells and sauce together in serving dish.

Silly post, I know! I've been so busy packing and getting things together for the move! I've got lots of painting and sewing to do still! I feel like my list never ends! I will be sharing some of the move and projects for the apartment soon. =]


    i love this post :)

  2. um.. YUM. That looks so good! I haven't had mac n cheese for the longest time! Homemade is always so much better! Thanks for the recipe :)

  3. Psh, when AREN'T I craving mac & cheese.

  4. Holy deliciousness!! I'm going to have to try making this, mac & cheese is pretty much my kryptonite.

  5. You just reminded me how hungry I am.. :/

    how is your week!?

  6. I LOVE panera's mac and cheese!!!

  7. I love the mac and cheese from Panera Bread (hahahah I tried to change my comment a bit from the one above me!) SO much! I wish we had it in Canada. Haha every time I go to the States I eat there at least once!! It's so good. I'm pretty sure I have used that exact recipe a couple of times! And it tastes pretty much the same! Love it.