Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall in love with Anthro

It's that time again! I love browsing Anthropologie every month or so and gathering my new favorites together for you to view! It's so exciting seeing fall coats and warm accessories. I'm anticipating my 15% off birthday coupon in November! It's always such a treat!

[Aren't these all to die for?]
($168 - $298 - $188)

[Yes, please - to all three!]
($48 - $34 - $38)

[I don't know about you, but I'd love to walk through some fall leaves in these!]
($168 - $150 - $278)
[I love that 60's styles are being brought back!] 
[Also, how awesome is that turntable?!]
($328 - $198 - $1298)

[I spend a ton of time in the kitchen! It's gotta be bright and beautiful!]
($12 - $18 - $18)

PS: I just want to thank you all for the feedback on my last post. I know I've posted a lot more lengthy personal posts lately. I have to say that this past month and the month ahead have been full of more change than normal. I greatly appreciate your support and even taking the time to read! If you haven't checked out my giveaway post yet, please do!


  1. I love 'em but they're so gosh darn expensive.. :/

    When is your birthday? :)

  2. Man, I thought the white jacket was my favorite, but then I decided the red one was. Then I went back to white. AHHH! Give them all to me!!

  3. I know that's why I only shop there about twice a year! My birthday is November 28th! =]

  4. ugh i want every pair of shoes that stinkin' place has! who cares if i never get to wear them all. luckily my lil sis works at urban and i get to enjoy her discount at anthro. :]