Thursday, October 28, 2010

The first after the move update!

Hey y'all! I feel like I'm so behind on blogging! [Including reading yours!] I snuck back home to my parents today to get some things I forgot and catch up on painting. The move went really well, although my couch didn't fit! I was really upset, but I'm always willing to hunt for new furniture!

This is the couch I found today at our local Restore.
It's a little stained, but that's a quick fix! 
I think it's lovely and reminds me of the couch that wouldn't fit!
[You can see that couch in this post.]

When we got all the boxes and furniture in the apartment, I seriously thought I didn't have enough room. Then, once I got everything unpacked and put away, I realized I need more furniture! The living room is pretty much finished, the bedroom and kitchen still need a bit of work! I'll just post pictures here and there as I finish up!

So here's the only two corners of the apartment I feel are complete! =] I really love decorating and I have such an eclectic style of modern, seventies and fifties pieces. I hope it all goes together in the end!

Sorry I haven't talked to any of you, I am going to get the internet connected hopefully on Monday! I'm sad that I've been so busy getting things together for the apartment I completely have missed out on enjoying this beautiful fall season! =[ I can't believe this weekend is Halloween already! I don't have time to get an outfit so I'm probably going to be something simple like an indian, cat or Minnie Mouse. =] What are you guys being?


  1. I really like that couch, even with the stain! Haha

  2. love the look of your apartment so far!
    and that couch is fab - and even better after a spruce up hopefully :) x

  3. i was daria for halloween!

    and i totally need to go thrifting with always seem to find the best things! i am going to be moving soon, most likely!