Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One week til the big move!

I officially will be moved into my new apartment in one week! I've been spending a lot of time shopping for new items to fill the place, painting furniture and sewing curtains. The apartment has tons of windows! I love the amount of light they give the apartment, but it gives me a lot more work to do! Seems like I've been working hard on everything except... packing?! Haha. I haven't even started! I'm avoiding sorting through my closet and drawers! I dread choosing and sorting. I guess that just goes to show I have too many clothes.

Sneak peek at the new curtains I'm sewing for the living room.
They're made out of a sheet I found at the thrift store for 50 cents!

I started gathering items from Brent's apartment to take to mine. It was pretty difficult to do. After packing things I just looked around and wanted to cry. It looked so empty and I felt as though I was removing myself from there. I guess in a way I am. =/ It's been especially difficult lately because Brent and I have been trying to spend time apart, but keep crawling back to each other. Don't take it wrong, it makes me happy of course! I love him so much and being away from him only makes me miss him more. I want nothing more than to be with him right now, but we both know this break is be for the best. 

I'm so fortunate to even be going through this with him. He understands me more than anyone, feels the same, has been so kind and patient. He hasn't treated me any differently and loves me all the same. I'm really nervous but excited for this journey.

Today has been all about business! I went to the dentist first, which I loveee going to! They always make my teeth feel all clean and pretty! Afterwards, I went to Brent's to clean and pack up more things. We decided that we're going to attempt to squeeze in my favorite sofa into the new apartment. I'm praying it works! It's moreso the actual ability of getting the sofa up the winding three flights of stairs than fitting in the apartment. The sofa is so old, heavy and bulky! Brent and my dad alone had a difficult time getting it out of Brent's apartment to my dad's truck! 

I know I'm so silly to take pictures.
Brent always impresses me though. 
Watching him man-handle this couch was oh so sexy.
I tried to carry down just a chair and he wouldn't let me! 
Haha. He said I was too clumsy.
 All in the truck! The crazy neighbor came out to offer help after of course! 
The guy is so creepy! He always tells me how pretty my hair is. 
It's funny but makes me feel so awkward!

PS: Does it bother any other bloggers when parents are nosy? My mom is starting to really piss me off. Staying at home has been a complete loss of privacy! I don't feel everything in my life concerns her. So mom, if you're reading this, I'd appreciate it if you stopped to respect my privacy. It's rude to snoop. If I want to share, I will. I'm not twelve posting nudes!

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  1. I love those snaps of them getting the sofa down the stairs! When I moved into my flat my friend and Dad had to get a washing machine and a fridge up some stairs, I wish I'd taken some pictures but I think they would have thrown them at me! Oh, and you must be the only person in the world who enjoys going to the dentist, haha!xx