Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

I decided to change Thrifty Tuesday to Thrifty Thursday, not only because it sounds better, but because it gives me some more time to gather my finds! This week I found a few good things! Housewares, house decor and lots of dresses which you'll have to wait to see! 

 Yes I realize all three of these shoes are for old ladies, but I still love them! 

 A beautiful frame and two wall mounted owls that I can't wait to paint!

 Three pretty printed drinking glasses and an old tin recipe box!

 The first is a beautiful floral sheet I plan on making curtains with!
The second is a huge plush quilt patterned comforter! 

 I also found this cute picture of a raccoon family
andddd saved my favorite for last...
A beautiful yellow and green floral chair and ottoman!
It will look darling in the new apartment! I was so excited! 

PS: Hey y'all! Remember my sad post about losing my much loved car? Well after a little over a week of searching endlessly on Craigslist, Autotrader, newspapers and car lots, I found a car! It was difficult since we could only sell my old car for $300 [which I paid $8,000 for] because the head gasket blew, so we didn't have as much to buy a new one. Looking for nice cars in my price range was hard. They either had tons of miles, were 20 years old or were wrecked! haha. Luckily since I've got such a wise father that knows everything about automobiles and isn't afraid to stand up to dealers, I found a pretty blue Ford Focus! It even has under 100K miles and a clean carfax! I think an old guy owned it because it was so well taken care of. I feel so blessed! Now the next hurdle is the apartment move, then hopefully I'll be settled! =]
[beep, beep!]


  1. I am absolutely in love with the shoes on the far right.

    In. Love.

  2. Amber! I'll be putting either the pink or yellow up on etsy and keeping the other for myself! hehe! I can't decide yet! <33 I'll let you know!

  3. THOSE SHOESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! let me know before you list those! (or what size they are) SO I CAN BUY THEM FIRST! :P

  4. Kaelah! They're a size 8.5! I can't decide which pair I'm keeping! I'll let ya know when I decide and list them!

  5. omg, i bought that exact same recipe box and filled it with recipes as a gift for my best friend!! so exciting that it has a twin floating around somewhere :) i love it so much, i almost kept it for myself. p.s. i just found your blog and i really like it :) hello!