Saturday, October 23, 2010

You know it's a productive day when you're covered in paint!

Today has been yet another day of getting down to business, more painting, more sewing, more packing, and on, and on, and on! I really didn't think I'd have so much to do, but I do! I woke up at five am this morning to go to work, came home took a nap then was up and at em! My parents have been such a huge help with my many projects! 

Today my mom and I were both in the garage painting. I was finishing the details on my dresser and she was spray painting lamps and tables. All I'll say is there was lots of fumes in there! I got a headache pretty quick! While we let paint dry we came in and finished sewing the curtains! Wahoo! You'll get to see them later when they're hung. =] 

Before I got to sit down and relax Brent asked me to hang out when he got off work. We decided to go out to eat since that boy never eats before work! All in all, my Saturday was far from lazy!

Here's a gif of the cotton candy dresser:
You'll have to click it to see it, it's cute I promise. =]
Here's the beforeeeee in case you haven't seen it!
Here's two snaps my little photographer took at Denny's with the Hipstamatic.


  1. Mmmm Cotton Candy Pink = LOVE

    and seriously woman, FIVE AM?! YOU ARE CRAZY.

    Saturdays are for sleeping in, don't ya know?

    Glad you had a productive day, can't say the same for myself, but there is always tomorrow :)

  2. I love the dresser! And that color pink is very adorable as well! You are going to have one cute apartment when you get all moved in :)

  3. that dresser is super cute. i've been wanting to paint my desk and get new hardware for it, but i have no room to paint in my stinkin' apt!