Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All My Eyes Can See Is All I Know

I was so excited when I saw Azure Ray was coming back to Cleveland. I have the greatest of memories from 2003 driving around with friends singing to their beautiful voices. They're one of those bands you'll never get tired of! Luckily Brent was able to get us free tickets for reviewing the show for the online magazine he works for. Lately I've been tired of opening bands, but this shows openers were all excellent. My favorite was Tim Fike. Mind you I had never heard of this guy and had no idea what to expect. He came out on stage in white overalls, a projector, an awesome handmade wooden stereo, and microphone. He was a totally different form of entertainment than music! 

Here's a picture of the wooden stereo and one of the films that played while he "sang."
This is an actual picture of his crazy self!
He stepped off stage and took the glasses and hat off the people next to me, 
then took my purse off and brought it on stage. 
Onto Azure Ray. They came out on stage in adorable correlating dresses that I'd love to own! They sang my favorite songs, Sleep, November, Drinks We Drank Last Night and Hold on Love. They sang in perfect melody. I was shocked how young they actually were and tiny! They even offered anyone from the audience to come up and sing their last song Rise. I admit I haven't heard a lot from their new album, but the songs I did hear were lovely.
I wish I could've gotten better pictures! 
It's actually hard when you're up so close to get everything in one picture!
We didn't stay too late after the show. I actually saw miss Amanda there too! However being my shy self I didn't stop to say hello! Brent and I drove home then I drank some wine, cuddled up and went to sleep! I decided to take today off, preparing that we wouldn't get home until late! It was so nice to sleep in today! I haven't slept too well since moving! I decided today to lounge all day since I've been running around and working so much lately. All I did today was watch Dexter and shop online! I feel pretty bad I didn't do anything productive, but I'll save that list for tomorrow!

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  1. I'm glad you had such an incredible time gorgeous! :)

    I feel like we haven't talked in forever!