Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The BIG Birthday & Christmas Wish List

It's my favorite time of year! Yes, fall is my favorite season, but it's also my birthday and I know that Christmas is right around the corner! [One month away!] This time of year for me is all about fun, family and relaxing. Also, what's more fun that gathering an exciting hopeful wish list?

Part of the reason why I've stopped sewing is because I'm down to scraps!
[all via etsy]

Leggings & Tights:
I've heard so many great reviews about We Love Colors
It's about time I added them to my wardrobe.

I've been waiting and wanting an Instax forever 
& would love the Diana Mini to carry in my purse!
Also discovered this amazing panoramic camera via TheDaintySquid

I still want these, but added two more!
I bought a long denim shirt recently, but it doesn't look quite as nice as theirs!
Also, how pretty is the second dress? I wish that was my birthday dress!

[one : two]

Love boots, flats, & mocs!
My must have is #5!
[one : two : three: four : five : six : seven : eight]

I'm in desperate need for some wine glasses! 
These need to be in my kitchen!
I adore this quote, the colors, the print, everything.
I would love to either buy this, or make one for Margot! 
I'd really love to own a terrarium or another bonsai tree, they're so beautiful.
A bookmobile, another one I'd love to buy or make myself!
I'd love love love to learn how to crochet, until then, I want this pillow!

The Big Gift?
I'd love, love, love a compact elliptical for the apartment!
I enjoy all gym's offer, but have way too much anxiety for them!
I tore my meniscus from running on the treadmill too much, so an elliptical is a must!
I already sorta went pre-birthday shopping for myself! =X
It's been a while since I splurged on myself so decided to for my birthday.
Especially when I got birthday coupons from Victora Secret, UO and Anthropologie!

I didn't see a lot from UO, but had to snatch up the cutest measuring spoons!
I also caught an oversized top and adorable bow-back sweatshirt on sale!
I stopped at F21, but again was disappointed!
Snagged a tacky cat shirt because it looked like Margot and a floral dress.
Last, but not least! I got my birthday dress from Modcloth


  1. Hey... what size shoe do you wear? ;)

  2. EIGHT! =] Although strangely I can wear sevens or nines, I'm sorta all in between!

  3. I have a pair of vintage white sandals kinda like those. I never wear them though. Yeah... no clue if they'd fit you then.

  4. Ooo! We share some of the same "wants" I definitely want some colored leggins/tights. I also LOVE those wine glasses, so fun.

  5. Bethany, what size are they really? I'm interested! =]

  6. Size 7. I have small feet, and they fit me perfectly. My mom used to have some like them, and I found these at Goodwill during the summer.