Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bye bye Blondie

So if you're not too familiar with me orrr my hair, I get the urge to change it often! However after years of silly colors and streaks in 2006 I went bright red when I started art school. Ever since then I've changed to different shades of red, and couldn't stop going back. Last year I found my favorite shade for my complexion. I kept the color the longest I've ever kept any. Then a few months ago I decided to go back to bleach blonde, the color I was when Brent and I first met in 2005. Now that it's getting chilly and the leaves are changing I was ready to revert back to red again! I wasn't sure if I should go dark or light, but figured it's safer to gradually go darker. So when I was browsing colors today I found the lightest red I could and unfortunately the color didn't come out how I wanted, but I think I'll get used to it soon! It's strange because the color has some red, some brown and some blonde in it. Although already looking back on photos comparing the blonde to now, I do much better with the warmer tones! I guess I'll wait to see if I want to try the red penny again!

^ That's my uhhh what color is this face =P

Here's the red penny color from last year.

Here's the last blonde photos. 


  1. I like it! :) I am partial to red heads.. haha

  2. i like it a lot. i also really like your kitty sneaking into those first two pictures! :)

  3. So pretty!!

    I gave you an award for being so great and inspiring!


  4. You look great!
    Looks like you can pull off a lot of different colours:)