Friday, November 5, 2010

The newest kitten addition!

To start, all my life I wanted one of those big, furry kitties on television on the canned food commercials. My mom always thought they were ugly. My dad always said we'd get one next time we got a pet. However, in our family's nature, we always ended up always saving kittens. For instance my last cat was the runt of her litter, on the verge of death with a terrible cold. No one in her pack even allowed her the chance to get food. My dad scooped her up and took her to the vet. Saving her was the best choice because she blossomed into a princess. Not kidding, she's beautiful, spoiled, and stuck up because of it. She only acknowledges attention from my dad and I, and hisses at everyone else. 

Brent and I about two years ago decided to adopt a kitty from a shelter. Brent named her Minoux. Mind you, this cat was saved, but had no health problems, thankfully. However, she did have a habit of scratching up the furniture and meowing all day. The neighbors at the apartment complex were immediately introduced to her as she talked all day and night, from small "mips" to long drone out "mows." It was discerning at first. We didn't know what she wanted. You know: she's just a talker. Brent became used to her voice in the background, and I honestly couldn't stand it at times. You love your pet no matter what. She is a doll baby, afterall. 

Now to get to the newest addition! As I mentioned, I've always wanted a Persian. Not knowing the breed when I was little I'd say "a white, smooshed face, furry cat." After 20 odd ball years of begging, it came as a gift. As you may or may not know, I moved out into my own apartment, leaving my two other babies back at their homes. I've been hunting on Petfinder and rescue sites for a Persian for over a year, but never found the right one and gave up. One week after living on my own, after I quit looking, my dad sent me a photo of three darling white furry kittens with a message. I had been working at the hospital all day, it was one of those days you couldn't wait to leave, but of course had to stay late. Exhausted and fumbling to my car; I didn't see the picture until I was on my way home. Immediately, my heart raced, all fatigue left and before reading anything else called him. 

These kittens were cheaper than usual. Like I said, I've been hunting for a Persian for a long time. Even non-CFA registered ones were priced $600-$800. This kitten was priced at $300. The lady that I bought the kitty from said that it was "due to the economy". We soon found out the real reason when we went to the vet. We called and arranged to pick her up  the very next day. They were all so sweet, soft, and loving. In my heart I felt guilty supporting a breeder and not adopting, but I felt it was my only option. Yesterday, we picked up the cat and brought him to the vet. All along I was told from the breeder the kitten was a boy, so I pictured a boy that would grow big and play rough, and named him Theodore. I liked the idea of the old name and calling him Theo for short. When I looked up the meaning, "god's gift", I felt it was more than appropriate. Little to my knowledge when we arrived at the vet, they told me little Theo, was actually a Theodora. Suddenly, my mind went blank. I already loved her and would never give her back. It's just strange planning things and having ideas in your head; only to have them all change on you! 
Finding out the kitten was a girl, not a boy was the first shocker. Next came the fleas. I was absolutely stunned when they said she had fleas. I mean, this lady was breeding kitties and selling them! Shouldn't she make sure they're all healthy and flea-free? I didn't even notice scratching or anything. So on came the flea treatment:to the kitty and my apartment. Next was the eye infection. Persian cats are always prone to eye problems. Their bone structure causes drainage to go right down; instead of a natural path humans and other cats have. They also are the only breed of cats that don't have clear drainage. Which is why most of them have staining below their eyes. However, this baby had an infection and would also need treated twice a day for the next week. The doctor suspected there's more going on, but wants to treat this first. =/ So in a way, yes I supported a breeder, but feel like I'm saving her still, who knows what would've happened if she wasn't treated!

When I first brought the kitten home, she was scared but warmed up quick. She played, explored, and finally crashed in my lap exhausted. Once I started her eye drops,though, she quickly started hiding. I feel terrible! The thing that sucks is her eyes have gotten worse since I started treating her. They are swollen, hard for her to open and you can see she's miserable. She's been hiding and sleeping all day, completely different than the kitty I saw yesterday. I'm just so worried about her! I already called the vet again and they said to give her a few more days. So we'll see in time. 

After all that rambling, I've been debating her new name. I'm stuck between Margot, which means "pearl" and Florence, which means "to blossom." It's easy to see why I adore both, because they're both great names with fitting meanings. I guess it's going to take me a bit longer to decide! Which do you like? Onwards to the photo dump with cheesey subtitles that make me look crazy cat lady..

"Why are you trying to get me to play with that thing?"
"I'm gonna walk over it and show you it's not fun."
"Never-mind, this guy is fun! I'm going to take him over here."
 "I'm feeling worn out, you played rough with me because for some reason you think I'm a boy!"
"I think wedging myself between you and this chair seems like the perfect place to nap."
"That nap was so great. Check out my mannerisms!"
"Oh man mommy, your hands are so much fun!"
"Wait, are you taking pictures? I can pose!"
"That vet did awful things to me. Daddy understands."
"I can't decide if I like this laptop because it's warm or entertaining?"
"This window might be more entertaining though!"
"I'm pooped and my eyes really hurt, I'm going to sleep the rest of the day."


  1. aw, what a cutie pie!
    hope she gets well soon!

  2. aww what a sweety! hope she feels better soon. hmm and i think i like margot better.

  3. FLORENCE! and i loooooove kitten pictures. so much. congrats on the new addition!

  4. aw she is adorable! I like Margot. My cat also had issues when we got him. He had a respitory infection and I had to give him liquid meds and put this neosporin stuff directly on his eyeballs twice a day for two weeks! It was awful and I felt awful for having to do it! He hated it and slept most of the time, but sleep is good for them to get better. Afterwards he was fine and he turned out absolutely gorgeous.

  5. She is so adorable! I love the name should go with that!

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  7. LOL! i totes commented as you while i was installing your layout! oops!

    my comment: precious! i've always wanted a persian (too bad i'm allergic to all fluffy kitties!). i love the name margot!


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    P.S. That cat is so cute!!!