Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

It's about time for another Thrifty Thursday post! I realized it's been FIVE weeks since I've gone! The move put a damper on my routine for a while! I of course planned on waking up early today and driving to all my favorite shops, but only made it to a three! Why? Well, I decided to stop at my parents house to visit and ended up staying all night! So my thrift day was a bit of a bust, but I still found a few things from the few shops I stopped at. Time to share? =]
Here's a nautical dress and western plaid shirt. 
It's strange because I now have 4 nautical dresses. I think they're my favorite!
Here's a new recipe box, which I love much more than the last!
I also found two taller glasses which you can see in the center.
I was excited to find a milk glass dish to use for the plant my landlord gave me when I moved in!
This one I wasn't sure about purchasing. 
I already have an espresso maker, but this was too cute to pass up! 
Last but not least, a new favorite, a 1950's radio.
This one will be listed on etsy, since I decided to keep my other.
Hope you guys are having a great week!


  1. I'm pretty sure that's the exact coffeemaker my parents had when I was growing up - so funny! I'm in love with the radio - gorgeous find!

  2. Great finds! I love thrift stores...I work in one, haha!

  3. Oh wow! Have a mentioned how CUTE your blog makeover is??

  4. I am LOVING your thrifty finds! Especially that radio!!

  5. we used to have a recipe box like that when we were growing up! I believe it used to belong to my grandma