Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Free Falling

It's time to say goodbye to fall, as the first snow arrived today. I was so shocked to already scrape ice and snow off my car after work! Fall flew by and I never got to take any photos outdoors, which is my favorite season to! I decided before I dig into Christmas cookies, gifts and decorating, to say farewell to fall with some pretty photos I took the past few years. I wish I had this blog a long time ago. Now I feel like I have so much catching up to do!
These are from The Gorge Park last year.
I always liked the way the trees in the foreground framed the sky.
Brent was either yawning or about to talk here. =P
This was at the beginning of fall one year. 
I'll always value my grandmothers pin I'm wearing. 

Now it's time for SNOW and HOT CHOCOLATE and MITTENS and BLANKETS and CUDDLING and MOVIES and CHRISTMAS LIGHTS and GIVING! I will be updating soon with some of my holiday decorating I'm sure! 
Also, thanks everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes on here, twitter and facebook!! <33


  1. nice pictures!
    i miss seeing the leaves like that..where i live i don't see it much :/

  2. Oooooh. Pretty park.

    I've got the blankets, cuddling, gloves, movies, and coffee (but maybe some hot chocolate too)

  3. Over in Scotland, we're having the highest snowfall in 45 years! :)