Monday, December 13, 2010

Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are so simple to make and always have a pretty outcome. While I was sick at home last week I started cutting some out of my own. I ended up getting carried away and made a few dozen of them! Then unsure what to do with them all, I left them on the floor for a few days. During those few days, my kitten, Margot destroyed most of them and scattered the rest all over the apartment. 
I decided to hunt them all down today and make a snowflake garland by stranding them all together. The project of stranding together some snowflakes ended up being a huge challenge since Margot thought it was play-time and managed getting herself in a tangled mess! Alas though, they're hanging from the archways in my apartment. I realized I should've used newspaper or a pale blue to have some contrast with my walls though!

After a long "hard" day of playing.
Of course I'd love to be a cat.


  1. my paper snowflakes never turn out this pretty!

    and margot is sooooooooo sweet!

  2. They are lovely, I will have to have a go at making some garlands of my own. Your cat is adorable!