Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Mix

I decided to work on a mix this week while I've been sick, lounging around in pajamas drinking soup and tea. After all, making a-mix-a-month was on my birthday goal listDon't think because it's a "winter" mix, it's filled with Christmas songs either! I decided to pick all the songs that to me, bring out all the feelings in this cold season. I imagine playing this mix in my car, while driving down a snow covered road, lit by street lights, with a warm cup in hand. Some songs are instrumental, which I know not everyone favors, but give them a chance! I really enjoyed making this mix and hope you enjoy it too!
(I don't think you can actually fit all these on one cd, but I couldn't take any off!)
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Also, make sure the playlist is in order when listening! 
I pulled Brent's help in to get the perfect flow.