Thursday, February 17, 2011

Separation: Day Four

Who knows how long I'm going to do these depressing blog entries, so my apologies up front. Fortunately my days have gotten a bit easier thanks to my friends. I know that Brent is out having fun, so I should at least try to also. I'd like to think I'm on his mind as much as he's still on mine, but I can't be sure. 

Last night was a lot of fun. I went out with my friends Dawn, Kate and a group of their friends for for a 21st birthday. (I feel so old.) We started at a club on jazz night, which I've never been to and it ended up being more fun than I thought! I've been meeting new guys, but the ones I have I'm just not interested in.. I feel like no one compares to Brent. I need to give them a chance though I know. I guess now I don't to believe anyone is worth investing in.
Dawn and I snuck outside to talk about everything. Turns out she's going through something similar right now so we have a lot in common. I think we'll be leaning on each other for a while.

Once we were tired of empty boring bars we decided to just roam the streets of Akron talking. It was great and I didn't even realize how fast time was flying. I got home a little before three am and luckily got a few hours of sleep before class today. 
Waiting outside for the group to finish up at the bar, freeeeeezing.
Today was a bit more difficult since I got out of class early with nothing to do all day. Yes, I have a bunch of hobbies, but I feel too depressed to do any of them. =/ I know things will get better, but I also feel like once I heal from this, Brent is going to start dating someone else and I'm going to have to go through the stages all over again. Sigh. one:day:at:a:time
This one is blurry, but I like it anyways. 
Again I really appreciate all of your support on my blog and twitter during this cheering me on! You're all so awesome.


  1. I know how you feel, my ex just recently started dating somebody else and I feel like my heart is being ripped out of my chest all over again. Being heart broken is horrible, but we'll get through it :)

    Hang in there my dear, you are a lovely, smart, and inspiring lady and just know I'm thinking of you!

  2. I'm glad that you're getting out there and having fun!! You're such a cutie :D Oh and no need to apologize for your posts. The point of a blog is to share what's happening in your life, negative readers can just suck it.

  3. That looks like fun! Glad you have friends to help you through it.


  4. Just found your blog and oh my goodness you are DARLING. Just so you know :)