Sunday, March 27, 2011

You're weak, but not giving in.

Antique shopping, walking downtown and craving Zubs after a crazy night at the Mat.
Shopping at Anthropologie.
Buying $50 shoes & $10 shoes.
Watching snow melt, playing scrabble, avoiding selling pretty old dresses.
Spending time with one of my dearest friends Amber.
We went to the Elephant 6 show. 
It was incredible and there's no one I would've rather gone with.
Got to chat outside with Scott Spillane from Neutral Milk Hotel.
Chaotic bathrooms.
Went to Musica with Dawn.
John & I center photo.. I hate this picture of me & my chipmunk cheeks though.
Their band is A Minor Bird.
Watch their video! <3
Kevin has such a beautiful voice. Swoooooooon.
Dinner dates. Dawn cooked, Leah brought the wine, I brought the dessert. 
Lots of fun, talks, movies, laughing, fun.
Oh & of course lots of cuddling with Florence Margot.

I miss you all. 
Things have been tough lately, but I've just been keeping busy. There's definitely a lot of unresolved issues between Brent and I with mixed feelings. I'm at the stage that one day I see exactly why he's not the one, then the next I want to cry because I'd be marrying him this summer and we had such a great bond grounded in a friendship I fear I could never have again with anyone. Also we had planned to take a trip to Chicago this weekend to see Godspeed You Black Emperor, but he went with his female friend to Tennessee instead. Can't say I'm not surprised though. It's whatever. I finally feel like I'm growing bitter instead of sad about it. I just feel like I don't know if I can ever invest in someone again. I mean, really, six years with him wasted. Sometimes I doubt he considers this or me at all. I'm just going to keep my head high though. I hope to return with more pictures and happier moments!