Saturday, December 31, 2011

12 Goals for 2012

1. Blog 
After a year of absence from the blogger community I'm amped to start back up again! I'm filled with ideas and plans for future posts. I especially cannot wait to get back in touch with my fellow bloggers. You're the ones that offer the most encouragement and inspiration.
2. Re-open Sewseas Etsy Shop
This was a big debate after closing last year. I have a lot of handmade and vintage items floating in my apartment that needs to sell! I know that they deserve to be in good hands, rather than in storage in my home. This will bring in additional needed income and as usual give you readers advantage on steals and deals first!
3. Get Organized & De-clutter
Anyone that knows me reminds me that I'm unaware of all that I own. I know that my lack of organization is partially to blame. I buy the same color nail polish six times and the same color cardigan four. (Anyone else do that?!) It's time to go through everything, little by little, reducing and organizing!
4. Craft, Craft, Craft  
Yes, I already do this plenty, but I want to even more! I plan on making a DIY feature on my blog with a little something for everyone. 
5. Bake
Hey, you can always bake more! This goal isn't really to bake more, but to try new and even unusual recipes. I of course plan on sharing recipes and experiments here on the blog too!
6. Open Shop Stacey's Closet
I have been fighting this, but finally after having no room and wanting to de-clutter, it's time to! I know some of my friends will be excited on this news as they've been asking me to for years. It's a pretty silly, but tough decision for me because I hold onto everythinggg. As in the cool sweaters from Goodwill that I still don't fit into 4 years later and the cutest shoes that were a size too big but too cute to pass up. It's time to let go and share the wealth! 
7. Start & Keep a Budget
This is another no jokes, but necessary goal! I recently decided to quit working entirely. I have to pay rent still as well as all my other bills. I'm living on school loans which is a limited and fixed budget! I can nooooo longer buy anything I fancy online for no reason other than liking it. (My mom and boyfriend would be very happy I'm making this goal!) I have always been pretty careless with money because I've been fortunate enough to not need to worry, but without working, things are going to have to change!
8. Travel
I'm not going to be unrealistic and say I must go to Paris in 2012, although that'd be lovely! I just need to travel a bit more out of the city to get away from the same old. This past year was so hectic I never made it out of the state. I don't mind if it's a midnight run to the state border, let's do it!
9. Eat more Fruits & Veggies!
I'm on that college meal plan, Ramen noodles, Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, macaroni, food from vending machines etc. It's not good! More cooking dinner, less going out. More fruits and veggies, less snacks!
10. Graduate & Pass my Registry
My Ultrasound program has high demands. I've only been in for three months and I can't go into details the stress and changes it's already brought. However, I know it will be worth it! I love what I do and hope in a year to have another degree and pass my registry!
11. Time Management
This goal will be one of the hardest next to budgeting! I'm pretty much the WORST procrastinator on the planet. I'm the girl writing 10 page papers at midnight the night before they're due. Also, this year I was sewing Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve! >_< I neeeeed to plan ahead and set specific times for priorities! (IE: STUDYING!)
12. Use Film Cameras more
After having purchased my Canon 60D and upgrading to the iPhone 4S I admit I've gotten really lazy with photography. Digital is a lot easier especially with so many presets and filters available for the same appearance that film cameras offer. I have a large collection of vintage cameras and Lomography cameras that were put to no use this last year and I feel awful about it! If I can just shoot a roll a month of film, I'll be proud! It is pretty rewarding having real film and developed pictures in hand. =]

Hope you guys all have a great New Years! 
PS: 13th Goal is for Shane. <3 
To keep impressing him and treating him like the awesome boyfriend he is! ;)


  1. Your blog is do adorable and this is a lovely list of goals. Hope you stick to them all.

  2. Thanks so much lady!!! I love your blog too! It's so great knowing bloggers in the area! My favorite Canton fashion blogger is Amanda @ She is vintage inspired, but fresh! Sad to see the Akron Fashion blog ended, but yours is just as great! <3 Emily had showed me your blog sometime last year!

  3. Great goals!!! I'm especially excited about you opening up your closet to us all, yay!!

  4. Welcome back! Congrats on all your achievenments in 2011 I hope 2012 is a fantastic year for you! :) x

  5. There are tons of akron fashion blogs! It's kind of strange. We meet up periodically. You should join us one of these times.

  6. So glad you are updating again! This is so random but I was thinking of your blog just now because I remember you posting about your break up and how I was going through the same thing at the time and wanted to write to you but didn't... and just on New Year's Eve I finally broke it off with the same guy I had been on and off with since then... anyway, somehow I was thinking of your blog and I'm thrilled to see you're doing so awesomely! It really gives me some inspiration. Also, it makes me realize that in the same amount of time that I spent going back and forth with the same guy, you've met someone new and you seem so happy. Makes me wonder where I would be now if I had taken a different path! Anyway, sorry for the rambling, just wanted to say I'm glad to see you back and doing so well :)

  7. I love setting goals for the New Year! We have some similar ones, I especially want to eat more fruit and veg!

  8. Jenny!
    It was so heart warming reading that you were actually thinking of my blog recently! What a coincidence that I started again! The break up was a rough time & you seriously should have contacted me! (Still should anytime!) I am doing well now, but it took a LONG time! I was miserable for quite some time, but it turns out that's what I needed. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. =[ It doesn't matter that you didn't make a change until now, what matters is that you made the change! The hardest part of breaking up for good with someone you've gone back and forth with is not falling back into those same patterns! I'm sure you understand those times when you feel like you want nothing else but to contact them. Just keep strong and busy! Soon enough you'll realize what makes you happy. Work on y-o-u! Everything else will fall into place after. Never apologize for the rambling! I'm so happy you commented! Seriously message me at any time, to ramble or if you're having a hard time! I'm here! <3

  9. Stacey, thank you so much for this! You are the sweetest! It has definitely been a rough week and I'm finding it difficult to stay strong and to look forward. It really is so inspiring to see you doing so well - I hope that doesn't sound strange! I know I can survive this, it just hurts so much and I know it will hurt for a long time... I appreciate every word you wrote - it really means a lot! Would you mind sharing your email address? I couldn't find it on your blog last time, and that's why I never contacted you. Or if you don't mind, my email is Thank you, you're the sweetest :)