Friday, December 30, 2011

Starting Fresh

I've decided to bring my blog back! It's only been an entire year! Whew. After breaking off my engagement I realized that I needed a lot of time to figure things out starting with myself, which ended up being the hardest and the most rewarding. I'm not saying I have it all figured out, but I am feeling more confident and happy than I ever have before. I have a lot of goals this year for blogging and hopefully I'll be able to stick to it!

As for a mini-update to wrap up an entire year of not blogging...

I am now in a relationship with a lovely sweet fella named Shane. He went to school for Graphic Design and DJ's at local bars in Akron. He's also in a band called Cities and Years and makes mixes on the side. =] We had our first date at Caroline's Cupcakes (best first date place ever!) and yeah, he pretty much swept me off my feet from there. I remember feeling like I would never move on from my ex after dating him for six years, but now after being out of that fog and with Shane I've realized all the things my old relationship was lacking. I thought I was happy then, but I can't believe how much happier I am now.

This is from our first date at Caroline's Cupcakes in July
Random photos of us

We're a pretty quirky couple I admit, but totally awesome! Haha.

I also graduated from college in the past year! Wahoo! However I'm already back in college for another degree. Why not, right? I am now going to be an Ultrasound Technologist or Sonographer.. whichever you'd prefer. The program is rough and harder than I ever imagined. I partially blame the work load for having kept me from blogging sooner. I graduate in one year and then hopefully I'll be done for good! I am so grateful I was accepted into the program because I absolutely love Ultrasound way more than X-Ray. It's a blessing doing what you love and getting paid for it! I still love Graphic Design and would like to get back into that later in life, but fear it will never be as stable as the Medical field is, so for now I'm happy!

I still live in my cute little apartment in Cuyahoga Falls with my two kitties Margot & Isobel, but I'm sure you'll see more of them later. You've probably already seen a ton of them if you follow me on Instagram also! (username: sewseas)

I'm really excited to start blogging again and most of all catching up with all of you! I know I've lost a lot of followers, after all I was gone for an entire year. Thanks to those of you that have stayed around though! Here's to a fresh start and getting back to blogging!


  1. I'm happy you so many wonderfully lovely things happened in your year off from blogging, and I am happy that you are starting up your blogging again!

    Welcome Back!

  2. Yay, now we can upgrade from IG buddies to blog buddies!


  3. Thanks so much ladies! I'm excited to be back! I can't believe how long it's been! >_<

  4. You look great! I was surfing through old LJ accounts and found your new digs; good to see you, old chum!

    -GreyNotGray, a.k.a. Jennifer
    (formerly T'dog on LJ)

  5. I know I am a little late but I am so glad you are back to blogging ! During your break I would randomly check to see if you were writing again so I was pretty stoked about my discovery today!