Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thrifty Goodness

I wanted to make this a Thrifty Thursday post, but I waited until late and now it's after midnight and Friday already! Also, I'm without photoshop using an old laptop I'm not used to, while I wait three weeks for my MacBook Pro to be repaired. =/ So bear with me! I decided to run to a local thrift store on a whim today and made out pretty well. When you have those lucky days, you want to thrift everywhere all day, however I limited myself to one stop. Onwards to the thrifty goodness!

Snagged this set of four yellow trays that I absolutely adore!
Also, a strawberry/floral melamine plate and a small tin goose tray. 
Floral cheese plate set and a hot pad. 
Sorta wanna keep the hot pad for myself. =P
I found some tacky 80's sweaters. 
The bottom left has a obscene design that I don't understand at all, 
but it's really long and would look awesome with tights.
Two lovely blouses with pretty prints!
Two heels and two flats. 
I really fancy the left pair of flats, maybe another keeper?
An old floral thermos pitcher
Dish, teacup and a mail storage organizer. 
I can't wait to paint the mail organizer & pretty it up!

In addition I got some glass server ware and some dresses.
Being that it's midnight currently, there's no natural lighting in my apartment 
so taking photos of the dresses on my dress form wouldn't have turned out well at all!

Hope you enjoyed!

PS: These will be added to my Etsy shop during this month once I get some extra time!


  1. Can I call dibs on the aqua sweater in the bottom left? LIKE I NEED IT.

  2. Awesome finds! What a great haul! I like the blouses :) x

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  4. Jess! It's a medium and looks like this:
    Still want?

  5. Pretty finds! I wish the thrift stores here had such pretties.