Sunday, August 26, 2012

DIY Nail Polish Storage

I've always stored my nail polish in containers or tins. Lately my storage has been over flowing and I've found myself purchasing the same colors again and again without remembering what I already have. I wanted to store my polishes all together in a non-cluttered way so I could see them all when choosing a color. My hunt started online for the plastic polish racks you see inside salons. Their price ranges were from $50 - $100+ which was ridiculous! I thought about what else could be used and stumbled upon old spice racks or shadow boxes. These are perfect with shelves depth at two inches (nail polishes are normally one inch) and have varied appearances to add some extra style to your space.

I was very excited when I found an adorable old house shadow box on ebay for a mere $15! Plans were to paint it and hang it in my bathroom or living room for all to see.

I painted the house blue and roof a dark brown. I used a dry brush technique to add a rustic feel. 
I was also able to store my 40 nail polishes easily. The good part is that there is room to store another 20-30 more behind the front row also! Good excuse to get more right? 

Interested in getting your own spice rack or shadow box to store your own nail polish? 
Here's four I also love from ebay and etsy. 

Buy now! one two three four

Keep in consideration the height and depth of shelves! Some nail polishes are taller and wider than others. Also keep in mind how many polishes you have to calculate if you'll have enough space to store them all! 

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  1. Super cute idea!
    xo K